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Poudre RiverFest Event Coordinator

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Poudre Heritage Alliance
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This request for proposal (RFP) is issued by five non-profit collaborators. The purpose of this RFP is to establish a contract with a qualified event coordinator beginning in summer 2019 to execute a successful 2020 Poudre RiverFest event, likely to be held Saturday, June 6th, and ensure the sustainability of future events. A successful candidate will be an organized, out-going, and motivated individual who will secure sponsorships, plan, manage, promote, implement and analyze overall event logistics, including day-of-event coordination, and manage the budget.

Areas of Responsibility

General Management and Financial Operations

  • Develop a timeline and work plan
  • Help develop an event budget
  • Effectively and regularly communicate with the organizing committee to provide updates on progress, issues, resources and budget matters
  • Lead monthly or bi-monthly organizing committee meetings
  • Assist with vendor identification, negotiating, and contracting
  • Serve as the point of contact for all inquiries related to the event
  • Strive to meet “green” event planning standards

Event Marketing

  • Develop and oversee implementation of a marketing and publicity plan
  • Ensure timely execution and distribution of all marketing and promotional communications media associated with the event including:  event posters and flyers, event website, social media, paid and media-sponsored advertising, news releases, e-marketing, free advertising, etc.
  • Provide post-event analysis of marketing implementations, recommendations for future

Sponsorship & Exhibitors

  • Help develop sponsorship strategy
  • Serve as liaison with sponsors and track fulfillment of their benefits
  • Acquire appropriate exhibitors
  • Develop exhibitor registration process and provide all necessary communication
  • Facilitate exhibitor placement at/during event

Event Management

  • Manage and coordinate general event logistics such as venue coordination, contracts, food & beverage, trash/recycling, staging, entertainment, event layout, volunteers & staffing, technical equipment, emcee, protocol management of exhibitors/sponsors/entertainment, and any other relevant tasks as required
  • Ensure all applicable licenses and appropriate insurance coverage is acquired and on record
  • Create and execute volunteer duty program, and coordinate volunteer meetings and trainings
  • Submit a post-event evaluation report with recommendations to the organizing committee
  • Other duties as agreed upon

Day of Event

  • Supervise all aspects of the event (from set-up to take-down) and manage the logistics and onsite supervision of the event – as mentioned in the event management above
  • Event goal 1: Attendance of 5,000+ people, with 10% of attendees taking an event survey, and at least 300 people attending the various workshops and activities offered
  • Event goal 2: Generate a $5,000 - $15,000 profit each year to maintain our reserve fund and build a riparian “action” fund for future restoration or education projects
  • Event goal 3: Generate over 100,000 impressions across all media platforms

The maximum allotted budget for the 2020 Poudre RiverFest Event Coordinator role is $10,000, paid in installments as agreed upon in the final contract. This fee covers services outlined through the RFP as defined in the contract, and does not include festival-incurred expenses such as licensing and rental fees, advertising, equipment/supply purchases, etc. The Event Coordinator will be responsible for adhering to an agreed-upon budget to cover such expenses ($10,000 - $15,000 in previous years, not including event coordinator compensation), with any changes subject to approval by the organizing committee.

How To Apply


This RFP represents the opportunity to be involved in the improved 2020 Poudre RiverFest event.

The contract is not full-time, however it will last over a period of 12 months, beginning summer 2019. The organizing committee will negotiate a contractual agreement with the preferred applicant. By responding to the RFP the applicant understands s/he will be fully responsible for meeting the requirements of the RFP and will ask and execute the necessary tasks to make sure the event is successfully completed. The organizing committee reserves the right to accept or reject, in whole or in part, any and all submissions/responses to this RFP.

Note that the information in this RFP represents the vision of the Poudre RiverFest at this time and is subject to change as the project moves forward.

Questions: Participants may ask questions about the RFP by sending them in writing via email to

All applicants must submit the following information:

  1. Name and number of employees
  2. Address and contact information
  3. Short description of work history in planning of fundraising events; include samples of relevant work
  4. Description of event planning services offered; demonstrate you have the workload capacity to make the job happen
  5. Description of your system for event organization
  6. Two (2) professional references, including contact information
  7. Two (2) event references (including a description) for events of similar size/type that the event planner has coordinated
  8. Explanation and listing of all costs and fees applicant proposes to charge the PRF organizing committee for event planning purposes
  9. If coordinating other events in northern Colorado, please address any conflict of interest related to the other events



The deadline for RFP responses is no later than 12:00 pm, June 15, 2019. No proposals will be accepted after that time.

Proposals may be provided in electronic format (PDF preferred) to

This schedule of events represents the organizing committee’s best estimate of the schedule that will be followed for this RFP.

To view the full RFP document, go here:

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