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Freelance IT Consultant - Digital experience provider & strategist

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Central Mountains, Northeast, Northwest, Western Slope, San Juan, San Luis Valley, Southwest, Southeast, Statewide, Denver Metro
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Communications | IT | Other

Howdy nonprofit Colorado:


My name is Justin, and I am a freelance IT consultant specializing in digital user experiences & workflow process transformations.


Or for short I do interwebs, techmology n stuff.


I am looking for a few new projects to start in August/September, with 40+ hr project expenditures so not to small or too big. 


I have a nice portfolio of work, great references, and most employers/clients I think would say I go above and beyond to please you the sponsor & moreover satisfy the end user/customer. 

I do have a large network of outsourced resources for technical coding and custom application projects if necessary, but my in-house skillset it pretty broad to begin with.


Systems include:

Wordpress/Woocommerce specialist, although I will work with a variety of CMS platforms.

CRM, SaaS and Biz Ops integrations - Gsuite, MS365, Salesforce, Neon and other CRMs w/ many other API integrations

Social & Automated email integrations - Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Emma, Salesforce etc..

Membership, subscription & digital ecommerce/fundraising platforms - Woocommerce 

User Portals - Forms, Forums, Chat Portals & Intranets - Slack, Rocketchat, Discourse Forums, Sharepoint, Wordpress


 Im kinda a jack of all trades, and I do it all:


Research, Design, Strategy, Project Management, Deployment, System Operations & Analytics.


Art Direction, Design, Marketing & Ad campaign management is available upon request, and sometimes it’s just baked in to begin with.


I'll do 1/2 my rate for non-profits... granted my standard corporate rate is not cheap at 120, but you get what you paid for, 2 sites listed below were destroy and redos.


I’m looking for long term clients/partners, I've been pulling almost all new clients to my own managed infrastructure, so service can go far beyond the project and into a continued IT as a service type partnership. However I will dip into your platforms remotely if so desired.


Infrastructure is curated & COOPed and provided by:


Recent projects in May/June 2019:

& more available upon request.


I can travel to meet you anywhere in CO as well.


Thank you for your interest.


Please give me a call or email me anytime:


Justin Reynouard


Golden, CO


Nov, 2012
Colorado Tech Coop - Golden CO
School and Location: 
Denver University
Dates Attended: 
2012 to 2017
Master’s Degree
Field of Study: 
MAS in ICT with a focus in PM, & web applications
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Fort Lewis
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Bachelor’s Degree
Field of Study: 
BA International Business / MA Minor in Spanish
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Justin Reynouard
1118 12th Street
Golden, CO 80401