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COVID-19 Updates & Resources for Colorado Nonprofits

Mar 6, 2020

The Association has halted real-time updates and resource news about COVID-19 response..You are still welcome to use the past information and relevant resources listed on this page. More information about the sector and the pandemic is also included in Association email newsletters.

Our education department created trainings related to COVID-19 to be as responsive and supportive as possible while priorities changed. Those trainings have concluded, but the lessons are not forgotten, Read Amber Cote, Director of Education and Service Enterprise's reflection on the series.


President & CEO, Renny Fagan, is serving on the Governor’s Economic Stabilization and Recovery Council (ERT), on the committee for Local, Rural, Women & Minority Led Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Nonprofits. 

Vice President & COO, Lydia McCoy, and, Manager of Strategic Learning, Melanie Tsuchida, are serving as the Chair of the Community Voice Committee (CVC) of the Governor's COVID Relief Fund. 


The CARES Act Loan Application Assistance project is a no-cost lawyer match program for Colorado Nonprofit Association members providing a resource for much-needed support navigating the federal relief and response funding. The CARES Act includes the Paycheck Protection Program and Expanded Emergency Grants. Our volunteer We the Action lawyers have reviewed and are familiar with the CARES Act guidance, and they will provide space for you to ask about eligibility, what information you will need to complete your application, simplify requirements, clarify language, and offer other things to consider as you apply. Learn more and get connected with a volunteer lawyer.


Colorado Nonprofit Association is launching a Colorado Nonprofit COVID-19 Facebook group and LinkedIn group with the intent of creating a shared space for Colorado nonprofit professionals to connect virtually, provide support, post resources, and generate community-powered solutions.

Colorado Nonprofit COVID-19 Facebook Group 



Recorded trainings are availabe on the Association's official Youtube channel.


For those looking for resources on the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, Philanthropy Colorado has compiled a comprehensive list of opportunities.


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Ensure that your sick leave policies are flexible and consistent with public health guidance and that employees are aware of these policies.

Review the CDC’s Interim Guidance for Business and Employers.

Rapid Needs Assessment During COVID-19 | Results Lab

Here are five key areas that we encourage you to review to get your organization crisis-ready | Nonprofit HR

Do you have a Public Health Business Preparedness Plan? Use The Denver Foundation’s Planning and Response Levels Framework as an example.


Event cancellation? Business Continuity Plan? Check out Nonprofit Risk Management Center.

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TechSoup is a great place for resources on effectively working remotely, with tutorials and discounts on hardware and software, including Zoom.

If you are a member of the Colorado Nonprofit Association and you wish to set up a Zoom account (you get a discount!) please email Gerry OR Mariah, we're happy to help you get started!


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Create a team Spotify playlist to be Connected through the Airwaves | Check Out the Association Team Playlist (each team member was invited to submit one to three songs)

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Open up conversation and communication with/within your team.

Practice self-care (as best you can), especially as you work tirelessly to keep services available to those you serve.

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Google Arts & Culture teamed up with over 500 museums and galleries around the world to bring anyone and everyone virtual tours and online exhibits of some of the most famous museums around the world.

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Real-time list of COVID-19 Colorado Nonprofit Media Coverage

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Inform yourself and stay up to date:


COVID-19 feels like a business crisis as much as a health crisis, and it’s in our realm of responsibility to our members to support their business management responses to the situation, as well as being sympathetic and empathetic to the health of our neighbors.

We are unwavering in our commitment to improving the quality of life in our state. That commitment encompasses the well-being of our members, the populations they serve, and all Coloradans. For that reason, we are monitoring and tracking the situation, as well as tapping network connections, experts, and resources to serve as a conduit. Like many others, the Association is doing our best to stay informed and to make thoughtful decisions moving forward.

Be kind. Our friends at Nonprofit New York put it best - Concerns about Coronavirus should focus on the facts and ensuring the safety of our families, colleagues, and communities. Coronavirus is not an excuse for racism and xenophobia. We urge you to be kind to one another always, but especially as we make sense of how this outbreak will impact our work and our lives. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed, please reach out to a mental health professional. We recognize some members of our community are directly affected by the virus without themselves being sick. The news, and especially the uncertainty, can feel very scary. Some also have concerns regarding family members and friends in other areas who are sick, or who are at increased risk.

The existence of COVID-19 connects us as humans but may not connect us by shared experience. Many of our nonprofit members dedicate time, energy and resources to protecting the most vulnerable in our communities. Coronavirus may not be the most pressing threat for many in our communities who are struggling, so lets all practice compassion and prioritize empathy.


The Association will continue to offer educational opportunities for nonprofit professionals while following government guidelines and public health recommendations related to COVID-19 to keep our community safe. All training will be held virtually via Zoom until May 30. Each session will be 90 minutes or less and will be no cost to participants. Our event calendar currently reflects our move to online learning and virtual connectedness.   


As of March 13, the Association team is working remotely. We hope the office closure will help contribute to the community efforts to flatten the curve and not overwhelm the healthcare system.


We gain strength from making hard decisions based on the well-being of our nonprofit family, so after much deliberation, we decided not to move forward with our Inspiring Brilliance Awards luncheon or Nonprofit Day Conference in 2020 

As we weighed our options and the facts amidst the announcement of COVID-19 categorized as a global pandemic, it was clear that our organizational priority is people. Our motive is to reduce harm for our incredibly dedicated team, all Coloradans, and then extending far beyond the four corners of our state.

By canceling large gatherings, we are doing our part to avoid any unintended spread of COVID-19. We hope this action provides grounding in knowing the Association, and so many others, are committed to the health and safety of our community.

We know our network of Colorado nonprofits is vast and diverse, and we recognize you may have access to subject matter experts, varied perspectives, new information, and different experiences related to COVID-19, so please share information with our team so that we can circulate relevant news and updates.  

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