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Period Kits Gives Relief From Picking Tampons Over Food

Period Kits

Nonprofit member since 2019

Period Kits was born from necessity. Founder Ashley Bierne had experienced homelessness earlier in her life and knew first-hand what it felt like to have to decide between tampons and food. In 2018, Ashley had the idea to build “period kits”.  Her initial goal was to build and distribute 300 kits for her birthday month. She recruited friends, and Period Kits (PK) was informally born. 

Period Kits has grown into a 501(c)3 providing the community with over 1000 kits since its inception. Their vision is a world where anyone who has a period has access to the products they need when they need them.

PK works with local community organizations providing kits to individuals experiencing homelessness, unstable housing, and extreme poverty. 

A woman experiencing homelessness must have so many untold burdens, issues, and trauma that I know nothing about. What I do know is that we could help with this ONE issue for three months.

-Geoff Davis, Executive Director of Period Kits

Each kit lasts up to three months and contains:

  • 40 tampons
  • 20 menstrual pads,
  • 20 pantyliners
  • a pack of personal wipes
  • 6 pairs of new underwear

Period Kits partners with other local nonprofits to get kits into the hands of the individuals and families who need them. Local business partners act as donation locations, volunteer kit-builders, and advocates who provide in-kind donations of products and the human-power needed to build kits. When PK provides kits to other nonprofits, they keep more dollars to use toward their mission. 

Please visit to learn more about Period Kits, Kit-Building Events and getting more involved.


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