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Therapy, Family Support and Recreation in Camp Environment

Adam’s Camp

Nonprofit member since 2005

Adam’s Camp, a Colorado nonprofit celebrating its 30th anniversary (2016), was founded by the parents of Adam, a six-year-old boy with cerebral palsy and his physical therapist.

Though he had been receiving therapy since infancy, Adam was unable to walk or even crawl. In an effort to avoid the need for a wheelchair to attend school, Adam’s parents found a physical therapist providing therapy several hours each day for a full week. At the end of the week, Adam began walking with a walker.

This led Adam’s family to bring five families and five therapists together to see if intensive therapy could offer as much to other children as it had to Adam.

The results were significant for each child and family, none more than Adam who began walking without his walker at that first Adam’s Camp.

Meeting the Needs of Child and Family

When a child has special needs, the entire family has special needs.

The mission of Adam’s Camp is to realize the potentials and develop the strengths of children and young adults by bringing together families with professionals and volunteers to collaboratively provide customized, intensive therapy, family support and recreation in a camp environment.

Camp Offerings

Adam’s Camp Therapy Camps provide multi-disciplinary one-on-one therapy with speech, music, physical, occupational and art therapists for children with developmental disabilities.

Campers receive six hours of daily therapy for five consecutive days, while their siblings participate in sibling camp and parents join educational and recreational activities or enjoy some respite.

Adam’s Camp Adventure Camps are sleep-away camps for older children through young adults with mild to moderate developmental disabilities, providing an opportunity to develop independence and participate in activities such as hiking, rafting and swimming. Both Therapy and Adventure Camps help individuals develop skills such as communication, mobility, self-care, social skills and more.

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