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Gyan-i Inc.

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Contact Information
Phone Number: 3036683954
Mailing Address: 387 Corona Street, Suite 509,, Denver, CO, 80218
County: Denver
Colorado Region: Statewide
Organization Information
Organization Name: Gyan-i Inc.
About Us:

Founded in 2011, Gyan-i, Inc. is a home-grown Colorado Proud strategic IT services and consulting firm. Our work has ranged from servicing a 4-employee organization to managing the cyber security for an entity that raises over $40 million dollars annually for nonprofits servicing our state. No matter the size, we have created a unique partnership with each client.

We possess real life experience, which enables us to see the big picture, act with agility and deliver results. Your business will enjoy the full scope of our knowledge in the form and speed determined by the organization’s goals. Whether we supplement your IT staff or provide the IT support, our commitment is on time delivery of results built around the parameters of your IT budget and expected return on investment.

In any organization, the backbone is the team and that team’s foundations. We are a close knit, energetic and driven team of of 5 members. Our strengths span from technical to business. Together, we have over 60 years of experience. Coming from diverse and multi-lingual backgrounds, we thrive on challenging each other to rise above expectations day in and day out. Our goal is serve you in the best, most expedient and cost-effective way possible. Our journey with you is a partnership, where we hold your hands from beginning to end.

What We Do:

Gyan-i tailors service to each and every client in order to close the gap created by organizational goals. Gyan-i offers a maneuverability and flexibility rarely seen from an information technology services provider. We keep our services local in order to offer the best service available at a reasonable price point. Our client base primarily consists of private foundations, nonprofits, small businesses, and few government agencies in the Denver metro area who work within many different frameworks from scholarships to providing low income housing options.

Accreditations & Professional Affiliations:


Area of Expertise: Technology
Percentage of client base that is nonprofit: 50-80%
Percentage of client base that is in CO: 80-100%


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