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A Shared Vision: Partners in Pediatric Blindness and Visual Impairement

Leadership Circle Member

Contact Information
Phone Number: 303-349-1961
Mailing Address: 10135 W. 101ST DRIVE, Westminster, CO, 80021
County: Jefferson
Colorado Region: Statewide
Organization Information
Mission Statement:

A Shared Vision provides essential early intervention services for children who are blind or visually impaired and their parents and caregivers. The organization’s goal is to ensure that all children, families and caregivers have access to and receive essential early intervention services specific to blindness, visual impairment or visual concerns from a community of highly skilled and collaborative professionals.

Year founded: 2016

• Direct services to families and young children with vision concerns. Families of children with vision needs receive regular in-home vision services by highly qualified and caring providers through a Shared Vision.
• Identifying additional families with children that need vision services. The organization partners with Early Intervention Colorado to help identify and serve children who are blind, visually impaired or have vision concerns. A Shared Vision actively expands awareness within the medical and services communities, so that babies who were historically overlooked are now identified to receive these essential early intervention vision services.
• Expanding the collective capabilities within the state to serve families and children with vision needs. A Shared Vision is expanding Colorado’s capabilities to serve these children through active collaboration with other early intervention providers (e.g., physical and occupational therapists, hearing providers, speech language therapists) and conducting trainings with providers and community service coordinators. The goal is to ensure that all children, families and caregivers have access to the highest quality early intervention services specific to blindness, visual impairment and vision concerns from a team of highly skilled and collaborative professionals irrespective of the organizations’ names.

Populations Served: Children and Youth


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