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CARES Act Loan Application Assistance Project

Apr 3, 2020

The CARES Act Loan Application Assistance project is a collaboration by the Colorado Nonprofit Association and We the Action. We launched this new initiative to keep nonprofits in Colorado from laying off staff and closing their business, creating many gaps in the social safety net for our most vulnerable communities. The CARES Act Loan Application Assistance project is a no-cost lawyer match program for Colorado Nonprofit Association members providing a resource for much-needed support navigating the federal relief and response funding. The CARES Act includes the Paycheck Protection Program and Expanded Emergency Grants.Not a Colorado Nonprofit Association member? Learn more about our community, network and reach by emailing Gerry Rasel, Director of Membership Services

If you have decided to apply for the Payroll Protection Program, contact your bank because local banks are processing the loan applications. Your bank can tell you whether they are an SBA lender that can process your application. Each bank may have a slightly different application process.


Our volunteer We the Action lawyers have reviewed and are familiar with the CARES Act guidance, and they will provide space for you to ask about eligibility, what information you will need to complete your application, simplify requirements, clarify language, and offer other things to consider as you apply.

Many nonprofit professionals are pinning their short-term survival on receiving support through the CARES Act. While some of you may be very familiar with applying for a federal loan or grant, most of you are not. It can be intimidating or even just irritating that we have to go through this process to do the work we know is urgently vital to our communities. But YOU CAN do this, and WE ARE here to support you. 


Our newest initiative, CARES Act Loan Application Assistance, is an opportunity for our members to get direct support from volunteer lawyers in securing the funding needed to weather this storm. 

  1. You must login to your member profile to access and complete the form.  
  2. Visit our website and complete the sign up form, submit your questions, and then you will be matched with a We the Action volunteer lawyer ->
  3. After your form is submitted, expect a confirmation email from our team with the next steps and follow up information. 
  4. Our team will process your form and work diligently to connect you with a We the Action lawyer based on your needs and information provided. The timeline for connection depends on the number of volunteer lawyers available to be matched and their capacity. 
  5. Applicants should hear back directly from their lawyers within 24 business hours. If you don’t hear from your matched lawyer, please contact Gerry or Mariah



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