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Customize a Brave Schedule at Nonprofit Day Conference 2020

Feb 11, 2020
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Nonprofit Day Conference 2020 pushes more than 500 other passionate nonprofit professionals to learn on a deeper level and propel the sector forward. There are 25 breakout sessions and 30+ specialists scheduled to help guide and create brave spaces for attendees to find their true selves and challenge old habits.

Find your path toward your ultimate conference experience with sessions tailored to both challenge and motivate you. Mix and match the following categories with the rest of the NPDC 2020 schedule to suit your curiosity.

Who do you want to be at NPDC? 

Money Magician:

  • Session 1: Launchpad to Greatness: Understanding Your Financials by Chyla Graham
  • Session 2: 8 Ways to Approach Grants Like Online Dating by Amanda Wallander Roberts
  • Session 3: Connecting with Today’s Donors in the Digital Age by Matt Wasserman

Equity Champion: 

  • Session 1: Rock the Boat by Raefan Quattlebaum
  • Session 2: State of Philanthropy Panel by Kimberly Sherwood
  • Session 3: OK Zoomer: 10 things you need to know about Gen Z by Sam Minnetti and Chris Schell

Strategic Evaluator:

  • Session 1: Strategy: More than a Plan by Brad Walton
  • Session 2: Let’s Learn Together! Concepts and Techniques by Natalie De Sole
  • Session 3: Creating a Holistic Organizational Strategy: How to Integrate values, Culture and People in Your Plans by Jessica Gemm

Tech-Savvy Leader:

  • Session 1: Compensation: Why It’s Important to Get It Right by Ian Keas
  • Session 2: 10 Steps to Shore Up Your Cybersecurity by Jason Pavia
  • Session 3: C-Suite Roundtable with Renny Fagan

Conscious Communicator:

  • Session 1: Don’t Take It Personally: Negative Feedback, Trolls and Digital Discourse by Maureen Maycheco
  • Session 2: Design for Non-Designers with Roxy Koranda
  • Session 3: Leveraging Conflict for Huge Growth by Lisa Stokes Nicholas and Christina Rowe

 Let the speakers and community know you'll be at their session using the NPDC 2020 social media toolkit before and throughout the experience. 

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