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The Latest on Online Engagement: M+R Benchmarks Study

Apr 26, 2017

M+R recently released its 2017 Benchmarks Study that serves as a looking glass into the world of digital communications, specifically advocacy, fundraising and advertising. The study measures everything from email open rates and social media to digital ads and online revenue.

Although 2016 was a big year for nonprofits and advocacy work, advocacy emails had the largest decline in open and click-through rates.

That may be because nonprofits’ digital audiences are moving away from emails and running toward social media. (That’s not to say that email lists are obsolete – email lists grew by 10% and still account for 26% of online revenue.)  Nonprofits saw a significant increase in followers and fans from Facebook (23% growth), Twitter (50% growth) and Instagram (101% growth).

With social media audiences increasing, it’s no surprise that nonprofits reported spending more money on digital ads.

Read and download the full report from M+R for more information.


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