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Legal Audit Clinic on July 20 Eases Paperwork Worry

May 17, 2021
A cartoon of two people in an office siting across from someone at a desk. The person at the desk has a yellow book with the word "Law" on it.

Paperwork is not everyone’s greatest love. A small stack of documents can be overwhelming, and deadlines can feel like an ever-increasing buzz of an alarm clock with no snooze button

But unfinished foundational documents like articles of incorporation, bylaws, trade names, and other policies can be the barrier to big grant decisions, board appointments, tax credit designations, and many operations that can take nonprofits from stagnant to thriving.

There is an entire team of lawyers who want to help do your paperwork at the summer Legal Audit Clinic on July 20, 2021. Not only do they want to help, but they will also do it for free and at a pace that helps you understand the information. Think of them as the hand that turns off the alarm clock and replaces it with your favorite tune.

Applications for the clinic are open until June 8, 2021. What we would need from you is your application and commitment to showing up and preparation for the clinic in order for your lawyer team to work with you from a safe virtual space and give you this legal wellness check that will bolster the wellness of your organization

This clinic is open to any organization that is a designated 501(c)(3) with a yearly budget of $500,000 or less and is located in Colorado. 

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