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Meet the Communications Coordinator

Oct 30, 2019
Say hello to others in chalk on street

Hello to you! I am Rachel Childs, Communications Coordinator for the Colorado Nonprofit Association. I joined the team in September 2019.

I’ve worked for the last ten years as a journalist, content creator and environmental advocate with a passion for contributing to social good. My intention is to show audiences the “why” of an organization’s work through heartfelt stories and human connection. I’m dedicated to creating a thoughtful strategy that meets the needs of an organization and doesn’t skimp on substance. 

Organizations are stronger when their work has meaning and their communities are empowered. I aim to craft and deliver information that makes others feel all the feelings while spurring real, measurable action that benefits our members and the industry as a whole. 

I am an eternal learner who loves being shown new strategies and tools. Please connect with me at or ring me at 303-832-5710 ext 271, if you want to exchange industry ideas, explore digital methods or chat about great books/podcasts to make our world a bit better. 

What I’m Listening to:

Who Inspires Me:

Causes I Support:

  • Disability rights
  • LGBTQAI rights 
  • Environmental justice


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