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Nearly One-third of Organizations Increase their Overall Employee Benefits

Jun 29, 2017

June 19, 2017; Society for Human Resource Management

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) published its 2017 Employee Benefits Survey that reports on employee benefits trends for the private industry and state and local government.

SHRM reports that nearly one-third of organizations increased their overall benefits, with health and wellness benefits being the most likely increase.

There was a large increase in health care coverage of both opposite- and same-sex spouses and domestic partners.

One-quarter of organizations increased wellness benefits offerings, which include providing resources and information, tips, programs, health screens and more. The beneficial and popular standing desk also had a significant increase over the past five years.

Nonprofits can use the data from the survey to build and compare their own benefits package that help recruit and retain talent.

Comparisons to Colorado’s Nonprofits

Below are comparisons between SHRM’s Survey, a nationwide survey, and Colorado Nonprofit Association’s 2016 Colorado Nonprofit Salary & Benefits Survey.

  • More Colorado nonprofits (34 percent) pay 100 percent of employee health care premiums than reported in SHRM’s survey (16 percent).
  • Only 3.4 percent of Colorado’s nonprofits offer a wellness program compared to 59 percent from SHRM’s survey.
  • Fewer Colorado nonprofits (23.5 percent) offer flexible schedules than reported in SHRM’s survey (57 percent).
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