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Public Policy

Colorado Nonprofit Association is the only organization influencing state and federal public policy on behalf of all Colorado nonprofits.

Our mission with our public policy work is to make the work of nonprofits run smoother, whether it’s untangling red tape, generating revenue, reducing costs or raising awareness of nonprofits’ importance in the community.

Our Principles

The Association works on public policies that advance the following core principles:

1. A thriving nonprofit community. Nonprofits and their employees have the capacity and resources to thrive in carrying out their work including:

- A strong workforce;

- Programs and operations supported by robust and diverse revenue streams from

giving, grantmaking, and earned income;

- Independent and accountable leadership and governance;

- Voices to effectively advocate for public policy change and engage communities; and

- Fair and efficient cross-sector partnerships.

2. A strong nonprofit workforce and organizations. Nonprofits effectively leverage financial and human capital to carry out their missions to

improve quality of life. This includes adopting equitable workplace practices, valuing and

developing talented employees, and providing competitive pay and benefits.

Nonprofits also strengthen communities by working on labor and employment policies that foster equity, quality job opportunities, and socioeconomic mobility.

3. Government policies that fully support critical public services. Public tax and budgetary policies provide resources that help nonprofits carry out their

missions by:

- fully and equitably supporting priorities for the quality of life for all Coloradans including

education, physical/mental health, ecological and environmental protections, recreation,

transportation, housing, faith/spirituality, and arts and cultural experiences;

- ensuring government develops fair partnerships with nonprofits to serve Coloradans

efficiently and effectively; and

- reforming policies that place arbitrary or harmful restrictions on the ability of

governments to serve and support Coloradans’ needs and priorities.

Equitable communities with a high quality of life

Nonprofits and their employees catalyze social change by addressing socioeconomic inequities and dismantling systemic oppression based on race, sex, gender identity, age ability, and other forms of discrimination.

Our Goals 

- Advocate for public policies that help the nonprofit community to support a high quality of life in Colorado

- Increase charitable giving through sensible tax policies, research and reporting

- Strengthen ties between nonprofits and government agencies and officials

- Work with national partners, including National Council of Nonprofits and Independent Sector to address national issues affecting nonprofits

- Increase nonprofit participation in civic and voter engagement activities in Colorado



Understand and Follow Important 2020 Bills

Keep up with the Colorado General Assembly by finding out more about the key bills on our public policy agenda for Colorado’s nonprofit community.

- Download our Public Policy Agenda to learn more about our priority areas

- Visit our 2021 state legislative page to see which bills we followed during the 2021 Colorado legislative session

Get Savvy about the Legislature

Each year, we offer training opportunities to help nonprofits build relationships with their state legislators, learn how to navigate the Capitol, get up to speed with current issues, and build their advocacy program. Check out our training page for our latest offerings. 

Get Public Policy Updates

Read updates on public policy issues in our periodic policy updates. We provide information by email and send action alerts to engage nonprofits in the most pivotal issues facing our state and sector. Get Policy Email Updates

Nonprofit Advocacy and Lobbying Resources

- Tips and Tricks: Regulatory Comments

- Meet Your Elected Official

- How to Create a Fact Sheet

- Lobbying by Letter or Email

- Legislator Appointments

- Stand for Your Mission

Bolder Advocacy

Colorado General Assembly Resources

- General Assembly Session Information - Information about the legislative calendar, bills,  and audio and video from hearings.

- Find Your Legislator - Interactive map to help you find which state legislators represent your community.

- Colorado Revised Statutes 

- Colorado Legislative Council - Includes links to several guides:

Nonprofit Resources for Congress

- How to contact Colorado’s members of Congress

- Find Your Representative - Find the U.S. Representative for where you live or work.

To learn more about any of these resources, email Mark Turner, Senior Director of Public Policy.