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Colorado’s New System of Charitable Giving

Aug 6, 2019

“Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit Fund” allows taxpayers to donate any portion of their Colorado state income tax refund to any nonprofit that is registered with the Secretary of State, that meets standard nonprofit requirements, and that provides public information on their finances.  

Taxpayers will have the option to write-in an eligible nonprofit of their choice, and the state will send the donated refund to that organization. Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit Fund creates a new way for Coloradans to give to nonprofits through state income tax filing.

This is a New System of Charitable Giving

 For the many nonprofits serving our communities Donate to Colorado Nonprofit combines the opportunity to give where you live with something, everyone does annually – file taxes.

The First In The Country

While 41 states have some form of tax checkoff program, Colorado will lead the nation providing the broadest choice to taxpayers.

Creates A New “Season Of Giving” For The Nonprofit Community

Creating a new "season of giving" is especially important because the year-end appeals to make a tax-deductible donation will apply to far fewer taxpayers than in the past.

How It Works

Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit will appear as one line on the Voluntary Contributions form DR0104CH. The taxpayer will insert a set number that ID’s their chosen nonprofit, along with the chosen amount. The nonprofits will receive donated refunds from the Department of Revenue’s Treasurer in September of the tax year. DOR will publish a list of the total amount and number of donors to each nonprofit that receives donations, however, it will not identity donors to any nonprofit that receives a refund. 

Nonprofit Eligibility

1. Be in good standing and registered with the Colorado Secretary of State.

2. Been in existence for at least five years.

Next Steps

Colorado Nonprofit Association is collaborating with SE2 to launch the official campaign celebrating this exciting new system of giving.

Our research and discovery phase is complete and we are busy developing and testing messages to communicate the unique nature of this new program and encourage and inspire Coloradans to donate their tax refund to a nonprofit. 

In October, we plan to release a nonprofit toolkit including template media releases, campaign-style guide, digital badges, social media posts, and newsletter content. And, we will also be hosting a to-be-scheduled message and media training webinar.

To stay informed on all things Donate to A Colorado Nonprofit, sign up for campaign updates HERE.


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