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Join us for engaging breakout sessions aimed at increasing the capacity of your Nonprofit Organization. We’ll also feature a dedicated track specifically tailored for nonprofit executives.

Connect with fellow nonprofit professionals in your region to exchange ideas, find solutions and celebrate successes through roundtables and panel discussions.

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Event Agenda

Wednesday, October 30, 2024
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center
6700 N Gaylord Rockies Blvd.
Aurora, CO 80019

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*Each breakout session will have 4 trainings to choose from. The presentation materials from each breakout session will be sent out following the event.

Session Descriptions

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Conversation Skills for Relationships and Results

Bonnie Davis, HuWork

Most days we navigate challenging conversations in our professional and personal lives. You may be interacting with an employee performing below expectations, avoiding a tough talk with a peer, or dealing with external stakeholders. We often tolerate rather than tackle these situations, go in without getting a positive outcome, or don’t see any real change that comes out of it. This workshop will provide inspirational messages with a practical five-step model and time to apply it, so that you can raise your competence and confidence when engaging others in difficult conversations. 

Ten Ways Fundraisers are Using GenAI Today

France Hoang,  Co-Founder and Co-CEO boodleAI

France Hoang has 2 decades of experience serving on and advising nonprofit boards and campaign cabinets and has spent the last 5 years building cutting-edge AI technology for nonprofit organizations.  In this talk, France Hoang will discuss how generative AI is transforming how nonprofits and fundraisers operate. You’ll learn 10 innovative ways leading organizations are leveraging GenAI tools to raise more money and streamline operations.

Sharing Power in Data Practices- Lessons from Participatory Evaluation

Paul Collier, Corona Insights

This session’s objectives are:

  1. An understanding of what participatory evaluation is and how applying participatory evaluation practices can empower communities. 
  2. Strategies for engaging individuals with lived experiences in the design of new learning and evaluation efforts. 
  3. Techniques for collaboratively analyzing data and drawing meaningful insights with a group of diverse participants.

Elevating Your Nonprofit Brand: Strategies for Effective Brand Building and Personal Brand Ambassadorship

Kayla Garcia, Girls Inc. of Metro Denver

In today’s competitive landscape, a strong brand identity is essential for attracting donors, engaging stakeholders, and driving impact. This session will delve into practical strategies and actionable tips to help you elevate your nonprofit’s brand. 

Decoding Others & Communicating with Impact

Jahnavi Brenner, The Vivid Leader

We all have our preferred ways of thinking and behaving, and we often communicate in those ways.  Yet, the people around us have their own preferences.  Using the Emergenetics framework, learn about distinct thinking and behavioral preferences & leverage this knowledge to increase your ability to influence, lead, and collaborate with others!

The Art of Networking Authentic Relationship Building

Lorii Rabinowitz, Denver Scholarship Foundation

Our world is filled with quick connections and fleeting interactions, the ability to cultivate meaningful relationships is a skill that sets individuals apart. This session delves into the art of authentic relationship building, transcending the traditional networking approaches to foster genuine connections that withstand the test of time. Participants will explore strategies for navigating the complexities of human interaction with sincerity and purpose. Through interactive discussions and experiential exercises, attendees will learn how to authentically engage with others, build trust, and cultivate mutually beneficial relationships.

How to Drive Your Impact With Powerful Storytelling

Catherine Alonzo, Javelina

Effective changemakers understand their why, their goals, and who they’re trying to reach – and tell impactful stories driven by all three. In this session, we will cover why it’s so important to align all of your storytelling with these elements and explain three steps nonprofits can take to tell stories that drive impact for the people they serve.

Panel: Position Your Nonprofit to Reach Wider Audiences and Attract More Funding

Moderated by Linda Appel Lipsius, Denver Urban Gardens (DUG)

In this panel, leaders of non-profit organizations and a foundation will share insights and strategies that helped them reach beyond butterflies and plants, for example, to connect with broader audiences and increase funding. Pulling from entrepreneurial and development experience, these executives have shifted mindsets internally and externally to broaden their overall reach. Whether it’s expanding program offerings to reach additional audiences, repositioning or fostering deeper corporate and community engagement, these nonprofit leaders have invaluable feedback ready to share with attendees.

Building a Culture of Belonging in a Diverse Work Environment

John Albright, City Year Denver

 In today’s diverse workplace, it is critical to build effective team cultures for diverse staff to feel a sense of belonging and empowerment. Anchoring the team in values, inclusive decision making and shared power are just a few of the topics we will discuss. From Gen Z to Baby Boomers, we will explore how to leverage generational diversity as a strength, creating teams that thrive on varied experiences, skills, and viewpoints. Join this session to discuss successes and challenges in your organization.

Restorative Leadership: Building Proactive Bridges between DEI, HR, and Executive Teams for Conflict Resolution and Future Harm Prevention

Yeruwelle de Rouen, Intersectional innovations

In an era where organizational success hinges on fostering inclusive environments, this groundbreaking workshop promises a transformative experience for nonprofit leaders and sector supporters alike, aiming to equip them with the pillars of restorative leadership that will revolutionize their organizational dynamics.

Event Speakers

Corona Insights

Founding Partner

CEO & Founder
The Vivid Leader

Intersectional Innovations

 Co-Founder and Co-CEO boodleAI

Emily Griffith Foundation

Executive Director
City Year Denver

Speaker, Executive Coach, HUWork

President & CEO
Girls Inc. of Metro Denver

Denver Scholarship Foundation


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