Nonprofits are uniquely positioned to advocate for public policies that help our community to support a high quality of life in Colorado.

There are a variety of resources available to support nonprofit participation and engagement in state and national public policy efforts.

Colorado Privacy Act

The Colorado Privacy Act, effective July 1st, applies to nonprofits and service providers handling personal data for organizations with 100,000+ individuals’ data or exchanging data of 25,000+ individuals. It mandates confirming data processing, opt-out options, data correction, deletion rights, and comprehensive privacy notices.

The Colorado Nonprofit Association is offering compliance training in collaboration with the Attorney General’s Office, and leniency will be given to proactive compliance efforts while enforcement may take time.

Serving and strengthening Colorado’s nonprofit community lies in the heart of our advocacy and public policy efforts.

Our advocacy team leads the adoption and implementation of public policies that strengthen nonprofits and communities throughout Colorado. To follow our efforts and become more informed about the public policies and legislation that affects our industry, click the button below to sign up for our advocacy and policy email updates.

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2023 Public Policy Agenda

2022 Legislative recap report

The Colorado Nonprofit Association works on public policies that advance several core principles:

  • Effective tax incentives to increase charitable giving and volunteerism
  • Helping nonprofits obtain state and local tax exemptions
  • Encouraging effective and accountable cross-sector partnerships
  • Regulation of the nonprofit sector that appropriately balances protecting public interests with avoiding burdensome, undue penalties and reporting requirements
  • Helping nonprofits meet community needs through fiscal and budgetary considerations
  • Helping nonprofits comply with employment laws, pay competitive wages and offer competitive benefits
  • Assisting with  nonprofits’ integral role in job creation and economic development in Colorado
  • Working with nonprofits to engage in nonpartisan advocacy and civic engagement activities

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