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Association Road Team Hosts Training Activities in Cortez & Durango

Sep 11, 2019

This month, the Colorado Nonprofit Association Road Team hosted "Raise More Money Now - Fundraising Strategies That Work" training activities in Cortez & Durango. The workshop focused on success strategies at each step of the development process, unique fundraising considerations for rural communities, and how to develop a realistic fundraising plan.

The events were both at capacity and we catalyzed conversations with amazing nonprofit staff and board members who were eager to connect with one another. Our collective mission was collaborating to overcome the unique challenges in rural fundraising and to learn new ways of delivering successes.

There is a robust nonprofit sector in Southwest Colorado seeking to build on the “strength of small”, as it relates to small towns and resources. Our Southwestern colleagues know and respect one another and are working together to strengthen the region, preserving their way of life and lifting up what makes their community thrive.

Shout out to our nonprofit friends in the Southwest!

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