Voter Engagement

A thriving democracy is critical to our nonprofits’ goals and our civic missions.

The success of the nonprofit sector depends on having good and accountable government as well as fair and open elections. Time spent on voter engagement empowers those you serve and generates votes for your issues and causes. As nonpartisan organizations that reach many people not fully engaged in voting, nonprofits are well positioned to lead engagement efforts.

How To Get Involved

To find out how your nonprofit can empower more civic involvement, take a look at the following fantastic resources:

  • NonprofitVOTE is a one-stop voter participation resource center for nonprofits.
  • The Participation Project is a program of Community Resource Center that provides voter information and civic participation resources to nonprofits serving politically marginalized communities.

More Voter Information Resources

  • National Voter Registration Day, every fourth Tuesday in September, is a day when people are encouraged to update their registration information.
  • Project Vote Smart provides non-partisan information on candidates, government officials and issues.
  • Election Protection provides information on where to get help with issues affecting voting rights.
  • Vote411 provides basic information on voting such as registration procedures, polling station locations and ballot issues.
  • Visit the Colorado Secretary of State’s Elections & Voting page for extensive resources on voting in Colorado.