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2018 Year in Review

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Colorado Nonprofit Association is collecting information from nonprofits to share with the media, the public and public officials. Your responses to this survey may be released or published. You may choose not to share your contact information if you'd like to share your perspective but don't want to be identified in media releases or other publicly-available materials. You may also choose to remain anonymous by removing or omitting the contact information section.

Each organization that completes the survey will be entered into a drawing for the chance to win three, free months of membership with the Association and one registration to a Colorado Nonprofit Association major event (i.e. 

The survey will close on December 14, 2018. We encourage you to pass the survey along to other nonprofits.

Individual Contact Information
Colorado Nonprofit Association occasionally receives requests from the media for information or referrals to specific nonprofits for news stories. If you would like us to provide your information in response to any relevant media requests, please check yes below.
Year in Review
Fall short of our revenue goalsMeet our revenue goalsExceed our revenue goalsNot applicableI don't know/I'd prefer not to say
Overall revenue
Individual donations
Corporate giving
Foundation grants
Government grants
Earned income/fees for service
We've done this in 2018We expect to do this in 2019We may do this in 2019Neither have nor will do this
Cut back programs
Eliminate programs
Turn away clients/ wait list for clients
Cut staff pay or hours
Try a new earned revenue program/model
Try new fundraising strategies
Create a new program/service
Reduce expenses
Restructure (such as a merger or a major change in strategy/focus)
Check all that apply.
Tax Reform
Overall Comments