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Administrative/Accounting Assistant

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Boulder County Farmers Markets
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Denver Metro
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Administrative | Finance
Job Description: 

 We are looking for a full time administrative/accounting assistant to complete ongoing tracking, categorizing and bookkeeping/accounting for our five weekly farmers markets, with great accuracy, efficiency and a postive attitude. The position will begin mid to late March 2021. Candidate must be extremely self motivated, and they will work in large part remotely and must be able to drive to and collect currencies, fee bags, market bags, etc several times a week at our Longmont headquarters/warehouse.

Areas of Responsibility

Primary Duties and Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Plan, process and track currency distribution for each of our 5 weekly markets; preparing all fee bags for vendors each week plus the market coordinators' currency bags to ensure they have adequate currency of each kind to distribute (WIC, WIC Veggie Bucks, SNAP, Double Up Food Bucks) at each market

Process all vendor fee bags returned from markets each week - separating, counting, and categorizing market currencies and comparing what is physically present to what has been written on fee slips by vendors, making corrections as needed

Prepare and process all market coordinators' bags and currencies going to the markets; completing a weekly reconciliation sheet for each market before and after each market to account for all bucks distributed

Track all food access currencies (SNAP, WIC, Double Up Food Bucks, WIC Veggie Bucks, etc.) redeemed by vendors as well as going to and from markets

Data entry into spreadsheets with food access currencies distributed and redeemed by market

Bundling and rebundling of currencies to go to markets in the appropriate dollar amounts

Maintain spreadsheets to track late invoices/payments/fee bags

Maintain spreadsheets and currency logs for internal use and for reporting to our funders

  • Detail oriented & extremely organized w/ great communication skills. Professional. Works efficiently & effectively; able to complete all tasks by scheduled deadlines daily/weekly. Positive attitude a must. Takes initiative & healthy accountability.QB a +.

$16 - $17 per hour


Ten days per year prorated paid time off, several paid holidays, 65% health insurance paid by company, and dental and vision available at group rates

How To Apply

Send a cover letter and resume to Thank you!

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