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Community Health Care Manager

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North Colorado Health Alliance
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Community Health Care Managers are responsible for working in collaboration with local providers, community agencies, and members to coordinate care and connect with valuable resources in the community. The overall goal of the Community Health Care Manager role is to improve the health of the population, improve member experience, and reduce the costs of health care. NCHA staff provide excellent customer service, improve members understanding of how to utilize local resources as well as the health care system, and rely on data to measure and enhance performance.

Areas of Responsibility

Job Responsibilities/ Essential Functions:

  • •    Case Management and Care Coordination of assigned members
  • •    Monitor members according to guidelines set by NCHA Policy and Procedure under the Care Management guidelines
  • •    Participate in home visits, telephone contacts, office/hospital visits, and other means of connecting with members to reach identified goals
  • •    Perform needs assessments and identify risk factors to develop person centered care plans
  • •    Assist members in scheduling appointments, follow-up care, referrals, medication refills, etc.
  • •    Attend member appointments with providers and community resources as needed
  • •    Participate in health promotion and health education activities for members as identified in their health care plan
  • •    Establish collaboration, communication, and coordination among all responsible parties of an individual member’s multidisciplinary health care team and maintain routine correspondences
  • •    Work in conjunction with various providers to develop interventions as needed
  • •    Optimize member and family self-management through education, community resources, and support
  • •    Review appropriate cost-effective care and decrease duplication of services for members
  • •    Enter all documentation, contacts, and assessments into multiple databases
  • •    Timely responsiveness to emails, calls, and requests with a reply indicating understanding
  • •    Review appropriate cost-effective care and decrease duplication of services for members
  • •    Understand, communicate, and facilitate member’s complaints, grievances, and appeal processes
  • •    Regular case review with supervisor
  • •    Strict confidentiality of member records and communications following HIPAA Law
  • •    Personal accountability for training and education comprehension and implementation
  • Cultural Competence, Critical Thinking Skills, Quick Decision-making skills, Strong Verbal Communication Skills, Perform with frequent interruptions, Multi-Tasking, prioritizing, and ability to meet deadlines, Computer skills,

$17.00 hourly


Medical, Dental, Vision, LTD, STD, 401K

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