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Director of Collaboration & New Programs

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The HadaNou Collective
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Denver Metro
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Executive | Programs/Services | Other
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The Director of Collaboration & New Programs will lead HNC’s Collective Leader program and grow it into a humane and powerful collaborative structure that supports leaders and organizations as they grow and deepen their impact. This person must have vision, creativity, adaptability, and a focus on achieving real results through collaboration.

The purpose of the Collective Leaders program is to create a pathway for leaders of community-focused organizations to contribute to structural systems change through their participation in HNC’s unique collaborative process.

Please see the full position description and apply here.

Areas of Responsibility

HNC’s Collective Leaders program (which the person in this position will lead) roughly follows the process described below:

  1. Facilitate convenings with the purpose of developing a deep and hyper-detailed understanding of the needs/struggles of Collective Leaders and their organizations.
  2. HNC then builds working prototypes of new HNC programs that address the issues raised by Collective Leaders.
  3. Take these prototypes back to the group for Collective Leaders to revise.
  4. Test prototypes of these new programs with a small number of Collective Leader organizations to work out the kinks and determine whether or not the new program is something we can scale. If so, then...
  5. Scale the program to be a full, new HNC program--resourced and staffed by HNC.
  6. Repeat.
  • A strong systems thinker who can facilitate multi-organizational collaborative projects.
  • Ability to lead a group of Executive Directors and CEOs to generate concrete solutions to complex problems.
  • A person who gets excited about designing new program structures and implement new program prototypes.
  • Please see the full position description for much more detail.

Annual salary: $80,000-90,000 with flexibility above this range as commensurate with experience


Fully paid platinum medical, dental, vision, as well as life and retirement benefits.

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