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Managing Director

Job Description
Saint Clare's Ministries
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Denver Metro
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Development | Programs/Services | Volunteer Management
Job Description: 

St. Clare’s Ministries is looking for a reliable, compassionate and resilient individual to fill the role of Managing Director. The Managing Director primarily organizes and empowers volunteers to carry out the work of feeding, clothing and spiritually nourishing our guests who experience poverty and homelessness. The position is about 5 hours a week with a few extra tasks on a monthly basis, including shopping and attending board meetings. Compensation is $100 per Tuesday. 

Areas of Responsibility
  1. EnsureadherencetothemissionofSt.Clare’sMinistries
    1. CoordinateeffortswiththeBoardofDirectors(BOD)onMissionDevelopment.
  2. AttendandpresentamonthlyreportforeachBODmeeting.
    1. PerformchairdutiesfortheBODmeetingswhentheBODChairisnotinattendance. 2. HelptrainnewBODmembers.
  3. AttendTuesdaychurchservicewhenpossibleandleadandoverseethevolunteersasthey setup before and clean up after the church service.
  4. Open,supervise,andclosethemealserviceeachTuesday.
    1. Overseevolunteersinthekitchen,hallway,bathrooms,andclothingclosetastheyfinish

      preparations for the evening activities.

    2. Communicatewiththeweeklyvolunteercoordinatorsandthankthemfortheirservice.
    3. Activelysupervisethemealservice.
  5. Overseetheclothingclosetactivities
    1. Donationacknowledgement.
    2. Replacementofclothing,blankets,personalhygienesupplies,medicalsuppliesand

      other items as needed.

  6. Manageandoverseethestaffandvolunteers 1. SecurityPersonnel

    2. Deacon
    3. TraineesforDiaconate
    4. EpiscopalServiceCoreTrainee
    5. Volunteers(Coordinate,train,supervise,andthankthem)

    1. Clergy
    2. Musicians and Readers
    3. Cooks
    4. Meal servers
    5. Clothing room attendants
    6. Greeters, Bike and Backpack security (Valet)

vii. Cleaners

7. Represent St. Clare’s Ministries and coordinate public relations, including with the following entities:

1. EpiscopalChurchofColorado
2. OtherJubileeMinistriesoftheEpiscopalChurch 3. Churchesthatprovidevolunteerstoourministry 4. EpiscopalChurchofStPeterandSt.Mary
5. ThePublic
6. GovernmentRepresentatives

8. Lead and direct the operating guidelines of St. Clare’s Ministries

1. Updatetheoperationguidelinesandtrainvolunteers
2. UpdateVolunteers’jobdescriptions
3. EnsureSt.Clare’sMinistriesisincompliancewithCityofCountyofDenverrequirements:

  1. Health
  2. Others as required

5. Overseesuppliesandrepairs 1. Purchasesupplies

  1. General purpose kitchen/dining hall
  2. Cleaning products

2. Determinetheneedforrepairs.

  1. Coordinate with Treasurer prior to making a financial commitment as some items

    might need BOD approval.

  2. Schedule and ensure repairs are completed.
  3. Coordinate with the Episcopal Church of St. Peter and St. Mary staff as necessary.

9. Responsibleforfiscaloversightandfundraising

  1. CoordinatewithBODandTreasurerondeterminingandmaintainingtheministry’s


  2. ParticipatewiththeBODonfundraising.

10.Complete training courses as requested within specified timeframe, specifically “Safeguarding God’s Children” and “Safeguarding God’s People”. This training must be renewed every four years.

11.Other duties as assigned.

  • Reliable
  • On Time
  • Past experience working with the homeless population
  • Past experience in a leadership position
  • Good communication skills
  • Subject to a background check and willing to complete an 8 hour church required sexual assault awareness course
  1. The managing director will receive a monthly paycheck at the end of each month for $100 per each Tuesday shift that was worked in the month, and this pay is subject to all required taxes. Also, a Form W-2 will be issued at year end to the managing director. 
  2. No health, dental, or other insurance benefits are associated with this position. 
  3. St. Clare’s Ministries has worker’s comprehensive insurance and carries an umbrella insurance policy to cover all staff members and volunteers as they fulfill the mission of St. Clare’s Ministries. 
  4. You may take two shifts off with pay per year and with one week’s notice to the Chair of SCM BOD, so the duties of this position are covered between the BOD and active volunteers. This paid time off opportunity expires at the end of the calendar year with no opportunity to carry it forward into the next calendar year. 
  5. There is no pay if you fail to appear for a shift unless it is one of the two preauthorized shifts for the year. 
  6. There are no other benefits for this position other than preapproved expense reimbursement. 
  7. This position is subject to an annual review by the Chair of SCM BOD. 
  8. This position is an at-will position subject to the will of the Board of Directors. Colorado is an at-will employment state. 
  9. This position is a two-year commitment with a joint option to renew for another year. 
  10. The SCM BOD requires the managing director provide a letter of resignation prior to leaving this position with at least two weeks’ notice and would prefer one month’s notice. 
How To Apply

Please review the job description and send in a resume, two references, and a brief cover letter explaining their interest in the position by Sunday, October 4, 2020 to John Putnam, president of the board, at

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