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Job Description
Brain Injury Association of Colorado
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Job Location: 
Denver Metro
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Job Category: 
Development | Executive | Finance | Programs/Services
Job Description: 

Position: President/CEO

Region: Statewide 

Department: Administration

Type: In-person and Remote

Reports to: Board of Directors  

Office Location: 1325 S. Colorado Blvd., Suite B300, Denver, CO 80222 and remote

Office Hours: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm

Hours: Full-time 

FLSA status: Exempt

Preferred Start Date: September 19, 2022

Salary: $95,000 - $105,000


The Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado (BIAC) is the go-to resource for help and services for survivors of an injury to the brain, their families, and providers. BIAC fosters a flexible work environment that encourages creativity and collaboration. We are seeking compassionate individuals who want to be part of a fast-paced and growing organization.

Our vision is that all persons with a brain injury thrive in their community. Our mission is through guidance, resources, support, and education, we seek to engage with Coloradans in the lifelong growth of those affected by an injury to the brain.

The Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado believes in the following core values and uses these as guiding principles in the work that we do and the partners that we seek.

  • Collaboration - We are strongest as a united community working together to help those affected by a brain injury to thrive.
  • Compassion - We believe it is essential to have empathy for those affected by brain injuries. We strive to approach each interaction with patience and understanding.
  • Fiscal Responsibility - We ensure that all funds are used wisely to maintain a financially viable organization to serve our mission.
  • Forward Thinking - We continually work towards creative solutions in all that we do.
  • Integrity - We aim to create a culture of professionalism, credibility, and honesty.
  • Respect - We strive to preserve the dignity of persons with a brain injury by valuing their individuality.

Mission of Role

Lead a team of knowledgeable, compassionate, and helpful allies for BIAC clients. As President/CEO reporting to the Board of Directors, serve as the key management leader of the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado (BIAC). Accept overall strategic and operational responsibility for BIAC’s staff, programs, expansion, and execution of its mission. Execute other key responsibilities including oversight of the organization’s Strategic Plan administration, management of multiple funding sources, organizational management, development, partner cultivation, fund planning, communications, and community outreach. 

Successful President/CEOs 1) model the way by clarifying and expressing personal and shared values through words and actions, 2) inspire a shared vision by imagining a positive future and enlisting other in its pursuit, 3) challenge the process by seeking opportunities to change, grow, and improve and being willing to experiment and take risks, 4) enable others to act by promoting collaborative goals and building trust, 5) and encourage the heart by recognizing individual contributions and collectively celebrating the values and victories.  

Areas of Responsibility

Goals and Outcomes

Organizational Leadership

  1. Compliance
    1. Ensure legal compliance in areas such as HIPAA, IRS, state and federal nonprofit requirements
    2. Ensure organizational compliance with BIAC bylaws, best practices human resources legislation, GAAP, governance practices and reporting practices
    3. Ensure compliance with all funding sources
  2. Financial and Resource Management
    1. Full oversight and monitoring of organization-wide expenditure, revenue and assets
      1. Accounts Payable: Coordinate with Accountant to ensure verification and reconciliation of invoices.
        1. Review detailed Accounts Payable listing and cash balance from Accountant on a weekly basis
        2. Approve payment of bills on a weekly basis
        3. Place and approve expenses of up to $5,000 per finance policy
        4. Expenses over $5,000 require secondary approval from VP of Client Programs/MINDSOURCE Director or VP of Professional Programs/MINDSOURCE Outreach Director
        5. With Accountant, reconcile credit card expenses monthly
      2. Accounts Receivable
  1. Review detailed Accounts Receivables listing on a weekly basis
  2. Follow up with invoices that are past due by over 90 days
    1. Payroll
  1. Review and approve Payroll Preview Report
    1. Fiscal reporting requirements (990, audit, Secretary of State)
    2. Work with Accountant to provide documents to auditor in accordance with BIAC Audit Preparation List annually
    3. Secure liability insurance at an appropriate level of coverage
    4. Maintain appropriate financial management policies and procedures
    5. With Department heads, prepare annual department budgets
    6. Prepare annual budget for board approval
    7. Receive monthly year-to-date financial summaries from Accountant and present to board
    8. Oversight and management of all funding sources such as sponsorships, donations, grants, special events, Valor on the Fax revenue, and contracts
  1. Direction: Provide oversight across all programs and departments.
  1. Lead and develop schedule for department meetings as needed
  2. Set policy, priorities, expectations, and budgets
  1. Executive Teams: Advance the mission and vision of the organization through organizational policy and programming
    1. Attend and actively participate in Executive Team meetings
    2. Identify needs and opportunities as they arise and lead efforts to develop and implement BIAC policies and programs that address them
    3. Provide decision-making support to Board of Directors and Valor Property Management team as needed
  2. Strategic Plan Development & Monitoring: Provide strategic direction for the organization
    1. Attend and actively participate in Strategic Plan Committee meetings as scheduled
    2. Participate in quarterly strategic plan implementation meetings as scheduled
    3. Update strategic plan goal progress in the designated spreadsheet at least quarterly

Executive Administration

  1. Board of Directors
    1. Compile board packets for bi-monthly meetings that include at a minimum YTD Financials, CEO Report, Agenda, Minutes from previous meeting, and any other business
    2. Assist Board Chair in developing agendas for bi-monthly board meetings and monthly Executive Committee conference calls
    3. Chair the Governance committee overseeing recruitment, initial and ongoing board development, and reviewing Bylaws
    4. Solicit and record annual board member contributions to BIAC
    5. Follow up on requests from board members as needed
    6. Engage board members in meetings with existing and potential sponsors
    7. Prompt board members to send thank you letters to major sponsors and donors
  2. Organizational and policy documents
    1. With Director of Human Resources, review and update BIAC organizational and policy documents at least annually including, but not limited to: Employee Handbook, Operations Manual, organizational chart, Financial Policy, and HIPAA policy

Strategic Plan Implementation

  1. Champion Goals: Champion strategic plan goals as assigned by clarifying the scope, delegating responsibility as needed, monitoring progress, providing guidance and technical assistance as needed and ensuring timely completion. Current goals and completion dates are as follows:
  1. Formalize a succession planning process to support sustainability and stability (June 30, 2022)
  2. Support Valor on the Fax’s ramping up from groundbreaking through opening (June 30, 2024)
  1. Complete Objectives: Complete strategic plan objectives as assigned (see strategic plan spreadsheet for details). Active goals with objectives assigned to this position are as follows:
  1. Create a succession plan that address vulnerabilities at least annually (December 31, 2022)
  2. Reconsider office space needs (June 30, 2023)
  3. Reconsider classroom needs (June 30, 2023)

Department Leadership

  1. Human Resources: With Director of Human Resources and department Vice Presidents, recruit, hire, onboard, and retain quality employees
    1. Complete President/CEO responsibilities for new hires per BIAC’s hiring and onboarding procedures as needed
    2. Review and approve job descriptions for all department staff annually
    3. Develop performance indicators and associated tracking and monitoring systems for all department positions
    4. Review and update annual check-in process and tools annually
    5. Manage disciplinary action and conflict resolution as needed
  2. Development: Provide oversight for all fund development, fund planning, and donor and sponsorship relations activities including special events, individual giving, grants, sponsorships, government contracts, and endowments.
    1. Fund Development
      1. Individual Giving: Colorado Gives Day and Brain Injury Awareness Month campaigns and others as needed
      2. Grants: Engage as the point of contact for BIAC’s grant consultant
        1. Coordinate and aggregate relevant information from appropriate staff members for grant consultant in a timely manner
        2. Update grant consultant upon receipt of grant award or denial letters within three business days
      3. Sponsorships: Lead solicitation of corporate sponsorship
      4. Government contracts: Lead efforts to obtain government contracts
      5. Endowment: Lead efforts to establish an endowment
    2. Fund planning: Ensure the strategic fundraising plan fosters sustainability for the organization
      1. Lead the development of a strategic fundraising plan and budget on an annual basis
      2. Establish goals and objectives for the fundraising plan to include major donors, individual giving, and sponsorships
    3. Donor and Sponsorship Relations: Cultivate relationships with current and first-time donors/sponsors and oversee all stewardship activities for the organization.
      1. Maintain positive relationships with existing sponsors, donors, and foundations with Development Officer – Special Events as needed
        1. Sponsorship benefits, cultivation, and recognition: Work with Development Officer – Special Events to fulfill recognition and sponsorship benefits in a timely manner according to underwriting agreement between sponsor and BIAC
      2. Research, prospect, and solicit new donors and sponsors from Professional Intake Forms, event attendance lists, and other sources
        1. Cultivate relationships with first-time donors and sponsors
      3. Stewardship: Coordinate stewardship communications with appropriate staff and send out thank you correspondence as needed.
    4. Data Entry: Ensure records and reports for funding activities are timely, complete, and accurate
      1. Data entry: Create funding opportunities in Salesforce including sponsorships and board member donations and apply General Accounting Unit allocation
    5. Networking: Attend networking events to increase professional networks, sustain existing relationships, and enhance BIAC’s presence in the community
  3. Communications: Provide oversight to ensure branding, messaging, and collateral consistency externally (e.g., social media platforms, email blasts, email signatures, documents, BIAC website, print materials)
  4. Media: Field media inquiries, refer to the appropriate staff,  and submit press releases as needed
  5. Clinical Services: With Vice President of Client Programs/MINDSOURCE Director, provide oversight for Clinical Services
    1. Monitor the ongoing fiscal viability of Clinical Services
    2. Provide input and decision-making to ensure appropriate staffing levels
    3. Analyze viability of other fee-for-service revenue opportunities
  6. Reporting: Lead efforts to generate reports for BIAC employees and Board of Directors as needed

Valor on the Fax

  1. Direction: With the Vice President of Client Programs/MINDSOURCE Director, provide leadership and direction in developing policies and procedures for Valor on the Fax.
    1. When necessary, communicate policies and procedures to BIAC staff
    2. Participate in meetings with various partners to ensure the success of Valor on the Fax 
  2. Budgeting: Oversee the Valor on the Fax Operating Costs budget with Vice President of Client Programs/Outreach Director
  1. Review monthly summaries of approximate expenditure
  2. Ensure budgets are met; proactively and in a timely manner seek ways to stay within budget


  1. Staff Supervision: Directly supervise the following positions (4 employees, 4.75 FTE):
    1. Vice President of Client Programs/MINDSOURCE Director (1.0 FTE)
    2. Vice President of Professional Programs/MINDSOURCE Outreach Director (1.0 FTE)
    3. Director of Human Resources (1.0 FTE)
    4. Director of Resident Services (1.0 FTE)
    5. Development Officer – Special Events (.75 FTE)
  2. Human Resources: With Director of Human Resources and department Vice Presidents, recruit, hire, onboard, and retain quality employees
  1. As needed, complete supervisor responsibilities for new hires per BIAC’s hiring and onboarding procedures
  2. As needed complete supervisor responsibilities for department staff exiting positions per BIAC’s exiting procedures
  3. At least annually, complete formal check-in process with all direct reports
  4. Receive, review and approve payroll reports, PTO requests and special requests from direct reports on an ongoing basis
  1. Professional Development: Support lifelong learning for direct reports
  1. Provide on-the-job technical assistance for direct reports
  2. Support direct reports in identifying and pursuing appropriate training and professional development opportunities at least annually

Department Management

  1. Public Policy
  1. Provide leadership for the Colorado Brain Injury Collaborative
  2. Engage with state agencies that set public policy impacting survivors of brain injury and providers in Colorado including Department of Human Services (DHS), Healthcare Public Financing (HCPF), and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE)
  3. Attend meetings, sit on ad hoc commissions
  4. Engage in the state legislative process through lobbying, testifying, and educating legislators on issues that impact the Colorado brain injury community
  5. Serve on the board of the United States Brain Injury Alliance (USBIA)
  1. Program Evaluation: With evaluation consultant and vice presidents, coordinate and monitor evaluation strategies for development and communication activities
  1. Support the development of program-specific evaluation strategies and tools as needed
  2. Support the coordination and monitoring of the administration of evaluation tools
  3. Support the coordination and monitoring of data entry, analysis and reporting processes and schedules
  4. Participate in the development and delivery of annual reports and presentations as needed
  1. Data-driven Decision Making: With evaluation consultant and vice presidents, use evaluation findings to inform programmatic changes
  1. Support the review of evaluation findings at regular intervals
  2. Participate in program development discussions as needed based on existing data at least annually; collaborate to develop additional data analysis strategies as needed to answer key questions as needed

Training & Professional Development

  1. Lifelong Learning: Participate in training and professional development activities on an ongoing basis.
    1. Complete training and/or professional development activities as needed to meet organization and job-specific requirements/objectives annually.
    2. Ensure complete and accurate reporting of participation/completion of training and/or professional development activities.

Team Building & Cross Collaborations

  1. Team Building: Strengthen connections within program area and department.
    1. Attend and actively participate in departmental meetings as scheduled.
    2. As appropriate, inform, refer and help clients enroll in other BIAC programs and services which may include, but are not limited to: recreation programs, classes and workshops, resource navigation, self-management, and financial support programs.
  2. Cross Collaborations: Grow connections with BIAC staff in other departments and/or with outside agencies.
    1. Attend required in-person all-staff meetings and actively participate in all-staff meetings.
    2. Support Human Resources in providing employee-selected cross-collaboration opportunities for staff. Opportunities within BIAC include, but are not limited to: Schwellness Committee, Pikes Peak Challenge Planning Committee, and volunteering at a special event. Other opportunities, including those with outside agencies, may be considered.

BIAC Administration

  1. Policies and Procedures: Adhere to all BIAC policies and procedures.
    1. Read, and respond to as needed, all BIAC correspondence including, but not limited to, internal emails and Chatter feeds.
    2. Submit bi-weekly payroll forms completely and on time.
    3. Manage employee profile, ensuring accuracy of information, including leave balances.
    4. Use BIAC’s Google Calendar system to accurately reflect day-to-day schedule.


  • ~Required Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s degree in related field
  • Minimum five years of experience managing a program and leading staff in areas relevant to the position
  • Experience successfully managing multiple revenue sources
  • Experience in effective financial management and excellent decision-making skills regarding financial issues
  • Proven successful fundraising and marketing experience
  • Professional skills in effective organizational development
  • Exceptional relationship management and conflict resolution skills with the ability to sustain and grow connections
  • Experience in building high performing teams
  • Ability to present to various boards including BIAC Board and committees as required
  • Access to reliable transportation for travel within the region this position serves
  • Willingness to travel to meetings and other events within and out of state, sometimes after hours and on weekends, overnight stays may be required
  • Background Check (completed by BIAC)
  • ~ Preferred Qualifications
  • Advanced degree in one of the following or related fields: nonprofit management, business administration
  • Ten or more or more years of experience managing a program and/or staff in areas relevant to the position
  • Experience working with individuals with a disability
  • Knowledge and experience applying person-centered and culturally competent practices in interactions with clients, co-workers, professionals, and other community members
  • Knowledge of and experience working with a board of directors
  • Knowledge of and experience with federal and state legislative process and public policy
  • Knowledge of Colorado health systems, mental health systems, human services, rural communities and systems of care
  • Knowledge of Colorado funding opportunities

Salary: The salary range for this position is $95,000 - $105,000. Salary is determined based on the applicants' incoming skills and experience, and the budget at time of hiring.


BIAC provides benefits such as 100% employee medical insurance coverage (of the baseline plan), employee Long-term Disability, and employee Life insurance. BIAC also offers other health benefits such as Employee Assistance Program, Dental, and Vision; we offer voluntary benefits such as Short-term Disability, Group Accident, Hospital Indemnity, Critical Illness, Legal, and AD&D.

We provide paid leave/time off (vacation, sick, jury duty, bereavement, volunteer time off), and unpaid leave (unpaid time off, medical leave of absence, parental leave).

Financial benefits offered include 401k and Roth 401k with a discretionary match up to 3%, Health Savings Account (dependent on health plan selection), Flexible Spending Account, and Dependent Care Flexible Spending account.

Click BIAC Benefits Chart and view the column titled "Full-time working ≥ 30 hours/week" to see the full list of benefits that apply to this position. 

How To Apply

Please go to to apply. Applications will be reviewed, and interviews scheduled on a rolling basis.

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