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Research & Policy Associate

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The Public Interest Network
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Denver Metro
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The Public Interest Network is hiring Research Associates to help launch a multi-year research project in support of our advocacy and campaign work and to help shape the future directions of the environmental and public interest movements. 

What Is The Public Interest Network? 

The Public Interest Network is a network of more than a dozen nonprofit groups working to save the planet, advocate for the public interest, and protect consumers. We grew out of the PIRG movement (Public Interest Research Group), which started in 1972. Over the years, we have added hundreds of staff, multiple state offices, and launched new organizations like U.S. PIRG, Environment America, Green Corps, the National Environmental Law Center, and the Bold Alliance.

Research Team Mission

Research Associates will advance The Public Interest Network’s mission, which is to get people thinking about how the world is changing rapidly, and how society could be radically different; to concentrate on new problems arising from our changing world; and to advocate and campaign for policy solutions to those problems. 

Research Associates Job Description

We are looking for 2 to 4 Research Associates to complete research projects into a variety of topics, culminating in reports, datasets, white papers, and other content that would be suitable for presentation at academic conferences or publication in outlets such as The Atlantic or Vox. 

Areas of Responsibility

Representative responsibilities of a Research Associate would include:

  • Producing surveys of the academic literature on assigned research topics on a deadline. Associates will need to be able to summarize the key arguments in the literature and make the case for and against different perspectives.
  • Primary source research in fields as varied as philosophy, religion, art, music, and pop culture. 
  • Gathering data from a variety of sources to be used in reports and white papers.
  • Regularly surveying publications and articles on topics related to the new paradigm shift. Maintaining an archive of this content. 
  • Updating and locating new material for Public Interest Network staff training and development on the new societal paradigm shift. 
  • Research Associates should have a strong undergraduate background that includes research-based academic report writing.
  • No professional experience is required, though 1-2 years of professional work in writing or research-based positions is a plus. 
  • Candidates should have excellent writing skills, a problem-solving orientation, the ability to thrive under deadlines, and the ability to think critically and present persuasive arguments.
  • We’re looking for individuals with a track record of academic success and proven leadership ability.
  • Familiarity with quantitative analysis is a plus; as is experience in debate, public speaking, journalism, political campaigning, fundraising, and/or grassroots political organizing.

Target annual compensation for this position is $27,000. The Public Interest Network offers a competitive benefits package.

How To Apply

Start Date

We are accepting applications for immediate-start positions and for positions starting in August 2020.

To Apply

Fill out our online application here.

The Public Interest Network is an equal opportunity employer.

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