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White Individuals Affinity Session: Uprooting White Supremacy in Personal and Professional Contexts | Webinar

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September 22nd 2020 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Fee $ 25.00

Are you a white individual who is ready to dismantle white supremacy in your personal and professional life? Well, this process starts from within. In this two-hour session, you will spend time in a race-based affinity session with other white individuals who are ready to challenge themselves around the ways that white supremacy could be showing up in their lives, knowingly or unknowingly. This session will go through a series of white supremacy cultural traits and involve a time of reflection and dialogue around what it looks like to uproot these traits for personal and professional practices. 




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Maren Miller, Facilitator (she/her/hers) 

Maren is a former art teacher, turned artist, reiki practitioner, consultant, coach and facilitator.  She is passionate, driven and committed to the work of racial and educational equity, as well as critical self development and healing. She wants to empower humans, to be conscious, reflective, change makers. She desires to work with humans whom have the will to look inward and view the world through a critical and restorative racial lens. For the betterment of self, but also for the greater good of all. 

She brings with her, 10 years of teaching experience (BA in Studio Art and MA in Education) and (as a white womxn) desires to be a message of awareness, growth and transparency in order to help uncover and name the oppressive systems at work in students' lives.  She looks forward to continue to build her capacity and interest in continuing to influence at different levels of systems, knowing how interpersonal and internal the work truly is.

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