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How To Develop a Strong Data Strategy for your Organization

August 24th 2022 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Fee $29.00

Course Description

As nonprofits, we exist to help our communities and change the world for the better. But we can only achieve these great heights if we can keep our organizations afloat and pointed in the right direction. Data may feel irrelevant or even counterproductive to such an endeavor driven by heart and soul, but the right analytics can in fact amplify the good we can do - if we develop them mindfully and intentionally. To create human-centered insights that can accelerate our change-making, we need a data strategy.

 There are four core elements to a complete data strategy for nonprofits:

o   Sourcing accurate, reliable data

o   Selecting or designing meaningful metrics

o   Producing actionable insights

o   Integrating those insights into decision-making

 In this workshop, we will cover the core essentials of these four steps so you can effectively start and maintain a simple yet meaningful data strategy that will amplify the impacts your organization can have. Together we will complete a worksheet that will guide you through developing your core data strategy.



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Event Description

This workshop is intended for nonprofits that have at least basic donor/funding and programs/operations data available and access to some kind of tool like Excel or client/donor management software. You do not need to have an analyst on staff, but it will be helpful if there is someone who knows how to pull basic information from your systems and perform simple aggregations and calculations on that data.



Alexandra Mannerings founded her analytic education and consulting company, Merakinos, to help non-profits amplify their impacts through data. Merakinos, a combination of the Greek roots “meraki” and “nos,” could translate to heart-felt data or soulful knowledge, and represents a melding of the wisdom of humans with the acuity of analytics. A decade of measuring what matters in low-resource environments from Ghana to Atlanta has taught Dr. Mannerings how to ask impactful questions of data - even if it's just you in the wilderness. She earned her PhD in Veterinary Science (Epidemiology) from the University of Cambridge, UK, and BSc in Biology from Emory University. She has also directed the Data Center at a state hospital association, rowed for the Light Blues, built trails across Colorado parks, and is currently raising two spirited toddlers.






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