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BIPOC Session: Racial Battle Fatigue and Self Care for BIPOC | Webinar

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September 22nd 2020 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Fee $ 25.00

Do you identify as Black, Indigenous or as a Person of Color? Chances are, you have probably experienced some form of racial battle fatigue- especially with all of the increased racial tension that has transpired over the summer of 2020. This two-hour session is focused on defining racial battle fatigue and the type of physical symptoms and repercussions that are associated with this phenomenon. This is a race-based affinity session that is meant to create a space for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) to share their experiences freely and openly, and to dialogue together on ways that they can pursue self care for themselves and their communities.



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Event Description

Jenny Medrano, Program Manager, Building Bridges

With over a decade of varying education experiences, Jenny is skilled at teaching and facilitating groups ranging from children to adults. Her education experiences involve teacher-aiding, directing after-school programming, and teaching and facilitating on the topics of cultural intelligence, racial identity, diversity, inclusion and equity (DEI). She loves developing people to be more inclusive leaders both in group spaces and in a one-on-one coaching setting.

As Program Manager of Building Bridges, Jenny has worked with multiple organizations, businesses and schools in the form of both a consultant and coach. She is skilled in strategic planning and curriculum design of DEI development within organizations, and also in the interpersonal development of staff teams, and their leadership. She has experience in coaching individual staff members through their racial identity process and moving them deeper into allyship or advocacy. 

As a Latina, she specializes in empowering and developing Latinx leaders in better understanding their Latinidad and how this can propel them into a unique and powerful leadership style. Jenny has coached and consulted various Executive Directors and DEI Specialists around DEI Development within their organization and the necessary inclusion and equity changes that may be needed. In the actual facilitation of staff teams and groups, Jenny acts as Lead Facilitator of dialogues aimed at conflict transformation and shifting power dynamics within organizations. Jenny received her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Wheaton College in Illinois.

Amanda Roy-Bangoy, Facilitator (she/hers) 

Currently, Amanda is exploring what it takes to run a small business. Over the last 3 years, she has worked with small businesses to gain knowledge and understanding on what it takes while also developing her own goals around entrepreneurship. Her work experience includes working with the Urban Land Conservancy and Denver Preschool Program, Outreach Education with CSU Extension and Girl Scouts, and the Bureau of Reclamation. Facilitation has been a consistent theme in all of her professional experiences and she is now utilizing her skill of facilitation as a contractor with Building Bridges. Amanda was a summer facilitator during the 2019 Transform Summer Intensive and she has continued to facilitate with Building Bridges in various workshop series and training sessions. Her latest project with Building Bridges was a pilot workshop series called Wednesday Wind Down which was a space created specifically for people of color to talk about their identities and systemic oppression.  


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