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Awakening Conscious Leadership 101

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May 18th 2022 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Fee $29.00

Awakening Conscious Leadership 101


Organizations that Practice Conscious Leadership Perform 10x Better

- Harvard Business Review


During the workshop, Tucker Wannamaker, CEO of THRIVE IMPACT, will help you to:


  • ✅  Understand the neuroscience behind being a conscious leader.
  • ✅  Find out how to move from a state of reactivity into one of creativity.
  • ✅  Learn a science-backed 4-step process for experiencing greater control and composure under stress.
  • ✅  Experience a process for becoming more aware of yourself and others.


A testimonial: 


“The ACL workshop reminded me that I have a choice how I show up as a leader and that using mindfulness and other tools can help me show up the best I can. Elevating myself helps others show up elevated as well.”


— Dr. Cynthia Whitaker, President & CEO at Greater Nashua Mental Health


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  • Free for members of Colorado Nonprofit Association 
  • $29.00 standard
Event Description

Tucker Wannamaker

Tucker is working to help solve the nonprofit leader burnout problem. Every nonprofit leader deserves to THRIVE as individuals, personally and professionally, so they can have the IMPACT our communities need from them. That's why Tucker is focused on helping nonprofit leaders energize their revenue, staff, boards, and stories through intensive coaching, experiential learning, fresh strategies, and the culture and mindset change needed to make it happen.

Over the last 15+ years, Tucker have been in a variety of mission-driven leadership roles including building an award-winning nonprofit marketing agency, leading fundraising campaigns that brought millions in the door, years as an outside strategic revenue and change-management coach for nonprofits, and leading a start-up nonprofit through a challenging season of accelerated growth and onward to sustainability.

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