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Fundraising Reality Check - Knowing why your organization is struggling with fundraising. And, what you and your leadership can do to change it.

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November 13th 2019 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
The Penrose House
Colorado Springs 80906 - 2917

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The best fundraising teams in the world have several characteristics and habits that make them great.  Leadership is the most important. During this session we will take a look into what is keeping your team, volunteers, and board from raising more money.  And, some simple and powerful principles and frameworks that you can use right away to raise more money now.



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  • $60 for members of AFP
  • $65 standard
Event Description
Learning Objectives


  • Understanding why most organizations fail to raise enough money

  • Why most leaders are not leading to the results they want 

  • The role of the leaders, volunteers, staff, and your Board

  • The power of having a Just Ask culture


Mike Gemm is the Founder and CEO of Gemm Consulting, an organization committed to dramatically improving the impact of non-profits through improved fundraising, accurate financial data, and transformational coaching for leaders and their teams. Mike has helped organizations raise over $60M+ raised for clients, both directly “in the field” making asks, and coaching clients to get those results in every sub-sector, with annual budgets from $30,000 to $15 Billion, and everything in between. Throughout his career, Mike has been recognized as a catalyst, sharing his contagious enthusiasm for life and constant improvement. He and his wife, Jessica, have two sons Nathaniel and Xander. He’s passionate about training and coaching, personal development, and seeing people reach their potential.



Robb’s career started in fundraising and organizational strategy within the social impact space (non-profits) securing more than $120 million in new revenue. Over the past twenty years, Robb has worked in every sector and in every type of culture from large government organizations to small startups coaching and training thousands of people along the way. As Founder of Peak Coaching & Training Solutions Robb develops customized programs for elite executive teams and fundraising/sale 

teams through his unique Results-Based Leadership program. Robb brings together coaching, training, facilitation, and “doing” to help his clients achieve increased results while building a lasting culture of excellence.


Robb’s mission: “Empower People With Results”


Robb’s big “aha” moments:


● “Realizing the power of results in culture change. The most

powerful thing we can do is help people achieve victory.”

● “Culture eats strategy...always.”

● “My kids don’t care what I do. They care if I am smiling.”






Qualifies for Excellence in Nonprofit Principles and Practices. Completion of a post-training evaluation is required for this training to count toward recognition. 

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