New Year Leadership Boost: Elevate Your Impact with the Leader Fitness Workshop


In-Person Workshop!



Start your year off right by investing in your leadership skills! Join our workshop designed specifically for Nonprofit Executives, focusing on the essential aspects of becoming an effective leader in the nonprofit sector. Leadership in the nonprofit world is more than just making decisions; it's about navigating the delicate balance between assertiveness and the prevailing culture of niceness. This workshop goes beyond traditional leadership approaches by introducing a fundamental framework centered on enhancing mental fitness. As you embark on this transformative journey, you'll gain insights into the barriers hindering your progress and acquire practical tools to elevate your performance, satisfaction, and relationships with your peers, colleagues, teams, and direct reports.


Here's what you can expect during our time together:

Identifying Self-Sabotage: Explore the ten most common ways individuals undermine themselves and discover your unique tendencies.

Neuroscience of Happiness: Delve into the science behind happiness and peak performance, learning 10-second techniques to activate your "skillful" mind.

Stress Management: Understand how you generate stress for yourself and others and learn to cultivate a quiet and focused mind, even in challenging situations.

The "Three Gifts Technique": Uncover a powerful method to transform failures and setbacks into valuable gifts and opportunities.

Building Mental Muscle: Learn about the mental strength that sets top performers apart and discover how to develop it with just a few minutes of daily practice.


In the second part of the workshop, you'll engage in interactive discussions based on your personal saboteurs, identified through an online assessment conducted before the workshop. Each group will create a poster highlighting the characteristics that pose internal obstacles to leadership, performance, achievement, and well-being, fostering a deeper understanding and personal breakthroughs. To wrap up, we'll provide additional resources for those eager to explore the framework further. Start your year with renewed focus, resilience, and the tools needed to lead effectively in the nonprofit sector. Don't miss this opportunity to invest in yourself and set the tone for a successful year ahead!



Executive Directors, Nonprofit Leaders, C-Suite



Kimberley Sherwood

Kimberley Sherwood is a consultant, coach, and facilitator who works with nonprofit executives and leadership teams to help make their organizations more effective and humane. Her company helps guide people in creating positive change and aligning their personal practices with their professional aspirations, with a special focus on strategy, governance, and financial health. Stewardship is at the core of her company's approach, with a deep sense of responsibility to conduct her work and her company for the benefit of her clients, their stakeholders, and the communities they serve. Find out more here.



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