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Top 10 Reasons You Should Exhibit at the Colorado Nonprofit Conference

Aug 6, 2019

Hi. I'm Gerry Rasel, Director of Membership Services. As the staff member assigned to insure your exhibitor success and happiness at our Colorado Nonprofit Conference, and as an individual who exhibits, I work tirelessly to provide you the best possible exhibiting experience. From thoughtful layout to attendee messaging – we don’t just leave things to chance. We want you to meet with the more than 900 individuals whose organization can utilize your products and services.

Not sure you are ready to exhibit? Let me help you decide by providing you with the…….

Top 10 Reasons You Should Exhibit at the Colorado Nonprofit Conference

  1. Attendees need their morning coffee! You don't have a conference that begins at 9 am without gallons and gallons of coffee. We strategically place coffee throughout the exhibit space, so attendees are walking by your area!
  2. Attendees like the free breakfast – which is placed on the very back wall of the exhibit hall – again requiring conference attendees to walk through the exhibit space!
  3. Happy Hour! After the first day of the conference, we host a happy hour! Hors d 'oeuvres, beverages, networking! And guess where the Happy Hour is held…you got it! In the exhibit hall!
  4. Become an exhibitor, and we'll list you on the conference website - and the list will include a link to YOUR webpage.
  5. There's an app for that! Our conference app features a description of your business and tells attendees where they can find you in the exhibit hall.
  6. There's an app for that part 2! We send messages throughout the conference, encouraging attendees to visit the exhibitors.
  7. Want to know who the attendees are? Immediately before the event, we provide you a list of attendees! Note - we can't break our privacy policy (that would be bad!), so the list contains name and organization - no email or phone numbers.
  8. Social Media. Have a tough time coming up with a witty social media message that notifies your followers you're exhibiting at the conference? Save the brainpower – we'll give you the messaging!
  9. What if your competition is there - and you aren't? YIKES!
  10. The best customer service you'll ever experience while exhibiting. Need a quiet space to work? We have a hospitality suite set aside for you. Need a restroom break but don't want to leave your table unattended? No worries, our staff will cover for you. Can't see me to ask a question? That's a total possibility as I'm shorter! No worries, you'll have my cell phone number.

Who will you meet at the 2019 Colorado Nonprofit Conference?


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