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Creating Unforgettable Colorado Experiences

Lincoln Hills Cares

Nonprofit member since 2014

Photo above: Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver’s Gates Camp (photo by Chris Haugen)

Lincoln Hills Cares (LHC) strives to provide unique and innovative outdoor experiences through a variety of programs and activities including our Youth Outdoor Education Programs, Anglers of Honor Program, Nizhoni Equestrian Program and TeamWorks summer intensive work and education program for youth and young adults.

Connecting Communities with Nature

As a technologically connected generation, we find our youth spending less time playing and exploring outdoors. Lincoln Hills Cares hopes to reverse this trend by inspiring communities to get outside and discover the wonder and excitement our natural world has to offer by providing outdoor education and recreation programs to those who may not otherwise have the opportunity. Check out our video!

Recovery through Fly Fishing

Many brave service persons struggle to cope with severe injuries and trauma sustained overseas. LHC is committed to aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of our heroic veterans and those suffering from Traumatic Brain Injuries through our Anglers of Honor program. We are proud to partner with Safari Club International, Freedom Hunters, Operation TBI and Craig Hospital to offer rehabilitative fly fishing opportunities throughout the year.

Building Confidence through Equestrian Experiences

With roots that date back to 1924, the Nizhoni Program was reestablished to provide young girls with positive, empowering experiences that foster personal growth through equestrian training.

I realized my world had more color after joining the program. I felt as if I had been looking at the world through dull, cloudy eyes and someone had given me a chance at clear eyesight. This program became the perfect way to fall in love with nature …

Inspiring Future Generations

In partnership with Teens Inc., our TeamWorks Program integrates paid work experience with education in the natural sciences, life skills training and career preparation for youth who participate in projects related to environmental conservation, local history, civic duty and land management. TeamWorks fuels intrinsic motivation, personal accountability, communication and collaboration, scientific reasoning and critical thinking in the youth we work with to propel them toward a successful academic and professional path.

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