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Via Colorado Drives Community Action

Via Mobility Services

Nonprofit member since 1990

Via’s mission is to promote independence and self-sufficiency for people with limited mobility by providing caring, customer-focused transportation options. Via envisions a future where all people, regardless of age, health, disability, income, or ethnicity have easy access to the mobility options they need to enhance their independence and quality of life. Via is striving to become a true community transit agency and is committed to providing mobility for all. 

Established in 1979, with funding from the Boulder County Commissioners, Via set out to coordinate an efficient, cost-effective, and accessible transportation system for older adults and people with disabilities in Boulder County. The biggest challenge that Via has faced over the years is two-fold; the ever-increasing demand for service and the increased competition for funding.

The organization began to operate on a social enterprise business model more than 20 years ago. Via’s three large earned-income contracts—the HOP, Access-a-Ride, and FlexRide are revenue-generating transportation programs that provide significant financial support to Via’s founding mission services. Via is always exploring new ways to expand revenue sources so that they can continue to grow their essential transportation services within the communities they currently serve and across the metro region. 

As Via continues to grow, and the demand for service increases, it plans to increase capacity while also maintaining a commitment to helping the Front Range meet sustainability goals which will provide more service with current resources. Via is also the first organization in Boulder to operate a fully electric public transit vehicle (on Boulder’s HOP route) and they have four additional electric buses in the works.

COVID-19 Response

Via created a COVID-19 webpage to document its response to the pandemic. The organization has created a proactive stance and jumpstarted collaborations to benefit local communities including:

  • Delivering emergency food packages to isolated communities in the Boulder area 
  • Waiving fees for the Paratransit services to benefit people experiencing financial hardship
  • Providing transportation for people living with cancer to arrive at vital treatment appointments.

Visit to learn more about Via and its services.

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