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How do I change my organization's name?

Step 1: Check Your Bylaws

Be sure to check your nonprofit's bylaws regarding changing your organization's name and the process. Some organizations may have to conduct a members or board of directors vote. 

Step 2: Notify the Colorado Secretary of State

File Articles of Amendment with the Colorado Secretary of State. 

Step 3: Notify the IRS

Report your name change to the IRS on your next Form 990 or 990-EZ. If your organization files a Form 990-N or e-Postcard, you may report the changes by letter or fax. 

Step 4: Announce Your Name Change

Be sure to change your organization's name on any print and electronic materials, including: website, emails, business cards, marketing materials, logo. Notify your vendors - banks, building management company, etc. - of your new name. Announce your name change to donors, clients, volunteers, members. 

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