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Colorado Nonprofit Association has many business members specializing in serving nonprofits. Looking for an expert grant writer, PR agency, recruitment firm or even web design firm specializing in nonprofits? Look no further.

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Organization Name Colorado Region Area of Expertise Percentage of client base that is nonprofit
Lenn Stout Photography Ft.Collins/Greeley, Denver Metro, Pikes Peak Region Communications, Marketing 50-80%
LONGNECKER & ASSOCIATES Denver Metro Board Development, Financial Management, Human Resources, Strategic Planning Less than 20%
M Bartlett Law, LLC Nationwide Legal 80-100%
Mandy M. Rigg Consulting, Inc. Ft.Collins/Greeley, Denver Metro, Pikes Peak Region Fundraising, Grant writing, Program Development, Organization Development 80-100%
MAR GRAPHICS Southwest Communications, Marketing Less than 20%
Martina Bouey Consulting Nationwide, Denver Metro Advocacy, Board Development, Collaboration, Communications, Marketing, Event Management, Financial Management, Human Resources, Leadership, Program Development, Strategic Planning, Organization Development, Operations, Training, Community Needs Assessments 80-100%
McNurlin, Hitchcock & Assoc CPA Denver Metro Financial Management, Payroll Processing 20-50%
Mission Minded Nationwide Communications, Marketing, Fundraising, Leadership, Strategic Planning, Capital Campaigns
Moreton Capital Markets, LLC Statewide Collaboration, Financial Management
Moss Adams LLP Denver Metro Financial Management
Mountain Sage Consulting Northeast Board Development, Financial Management, Fundraising, Leadership, Strategic Planning, Training, Capital Campaigns
MPW Strategies Statewide, Nationwide Board Development, Communications, Marketing, Fundraising, Grant writing, Strategic Planning, Technology, Organization Development, Capital Campaigns 80-100%
Mytech Partners Denver Metro Strategic Planning, Technology Less than 20%
National Charter Bus Denver Denver Metro Sales Less than 20%
NBH Bank Statewide Advocacy, Financial Management, Sales, Statistical Analysis, Banking, Real Estate Less than 20%
NFP Corporate Services (CO), Inc
NFP Partners Statewide Financial Management, Human Resources, Technology
Office Depot Statewide, Nationwide, Ft.Collins/Greeley, Denver Metro, Pikes Peak Region Communications, Marketing, Mailing, Shipping Services, Technology
Onset Solutions Ft.Collins/Greeley, Denver Metro, Pikes Peak Region Technology 20-50%
Other: For-Profit Organization Northeast, Ft.Collins/Greeley, Denver Metro, Pikes Peak Region Board Development, Collaboration, Communications, Marketing, Evaluation, Event Management, Financial Management, Fundraising, Grant writing, In-Kind Gift Solicitations, Leadership, Strategic Planning, Volunteer Management, Organization Development, Retreat Facilitation, Training, Capital Campaigns 80-100%



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