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The Echo Film

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Contact Information
Phone Number: 3039095097
Mailing Address: 9060 Wadsworth Blvd, Apt 317, Westminster, CO, 80021
County: Jefferson
Colorado Region: Denver Metro
Organization Information
Mission Statement:

The Echo Film is organized for the purpose of helping people live better with animals through education and video production. Believing that there is value in all animals, The Echo Film operates to include all wildlife, pets, and other agricultural or domesticated animals. Videos are produced to help highlight the efforts done by people and organizations that work with animals to help gain them awareness, support, and action. Independent educational content, materials, and products are made to help individuals and the public increase the understanding, appreciation, and respect of animals.

It is through our educational work that we encourage our viewers to appreciate all animals, value environmental stewardship, and inspire a lifetime of safe outdoor experiences.

Year founded: 2020

Formed in 2020 by wildlife biologist and educator Matthew Juneau, The Echo Film has collaborated with wildlife activists and organizations around the world, produced documentaries and other informational films (including livestreams and virtual programs), and designed and distributed educational course materials.

Populations Served: Animals, Children and Youth


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