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Arrupe Jesuit High School

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Phone Number: 720-726-3431
Mailing Address: 4343 Utica St., Denver, CO, 80212
County: Denver
Colorado Region: Denver Metro
Organization Information
Mission Statement:

Arrupe Jesuit High School is a Roman Catholic, co-educational, college preparatory school sponsored by the Jesuits of the USA Central and Southern Province. Arrupe Jesuit serves economically disadvantaged students from Denver’s inner-city neighborhoods. By enhancing the human, intellectual, and spiritual capacities of our students through a rigorous, innovative, and affordable college preparatory education, we offer hope for a brighter future to some of Denver’s neediest youth. Our goal is to empower graduates who will continue their education and return as leaders in their communities.

Year founded: 2003

Jesuit education is rooted in the formation of the whole person. Arrupe Jesuit aims to prepare students for success in college and beyond through the following programs:

College Preparatory Curriculum – College Prep is the focus of Arrupe Jesuit’s academic studies, ensuring graduates have a mastery of core subjects that both prepares them for their continued studies in higher education as well as meets the requirements for acceptance into colleges and universities. Most students who come to Arrupe Jesuit have been educationally underserved and function one to three years below grade level. Most incoming freshman test at the 5th or 6th grade levels in mathematics and literacy. To help students reach their potential, Arrupe Jesuit adheres to a rigorous, student-centered academic framework. All students are required to take four years of English, math, science and theology; three and a half years of social studies; three years of Spanish; one semester of art; and one semester of computer literacy.

Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) – While attending a full schedule of classes, Arrupe Jesuit students work for their corporate employer five days per month; schedules are coordinated through sections so that students do not miss school to be at their job. Through their job, students earn approximately half of the annual cost of their education, giving them both ownership over and pride in their work and education. The staff at Arrupe Jesuit trains the students, transports them to and from their jobs, and handles employer services such as payroll, workers compensation, and insurance. At their jobs, students perform services such as reception duties, scanning, filing, data entry, and many special projects. This pivotal program offers a life-changing opportunity for students to experience a professional setting first-hand, expanding their imagination for their own future, as they develop their skills and knowledge base.

Academic Support and Tutoring – Arrupe Jesuit sets high expectations for its students and provides a high level of support. Arrupe Jesuit offers a Seventh Period study hall that is mandatory for students who have not completed their homework, and optional for students who want extra assistance or time for completing assignments. Students in 9th and 10th grades have the option to re-do any assignment for a higher grade, and all students must re-do all assignments that received an “F” grade. All freshmen meet with their academic advisor every two weeks to monitor their progress and address any issues. These policies motivate students to succeed, help them connect to positive adult role models/mentors, and create a supportive culture at Arrupe Jesuit where each student feels that they are valued.

College Counseling – Arrupe Jesuit students graduate prepared to continue their education in college and beyond. Our college counseling team works closely with students and families throughout their four years to help select appropriate schools and understand financial aid opportunities. All Arrupe Jesuit seniors are required to apply to at least three colleges or universities and complete five scholarship applications. Beyond their work with students, the college counselors work with colleges and universities nationwide to learn of opportunities and programs for first generation college students. Over 90% of Arrupe Jesuit alumni are first in their families to be college bound, making College Counseling a critical component of our mission.

Faith Formation – Following the centuries-old Jesuit tradition, Arrupe Jesuit forms students to be men and women for others, instilling in them spiritual growth, confidence, intellectual competence, character, and a life-long commitment to selfless servant leadership. Arrupe Jesuit helps its students develop a faith that can inform their daily lives. Each day begins and ends with prayer, and each afternoon all students and teachers stop to pray the Jesuit Examen. A student chapel was added in 2015 which aids in delivering our Catholic mission. Regularly scheduled Masses are offered for individual class sections as a central component of the Theology curriculum and as a foundational element of students’ faith formation. The highlight of faith life for Arrupe Jesuit students is a four-day Kairos retreat at Sacred Heart Retreat House. The Theology Department continues to promote the intellectual, personal and spiritual development of students through a curriculum approved by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Populations Served: Children and Youth, Low Income


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