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Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center

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Contact Information
Phone Number: 3034446981
Mailing Address: PO Box 1156, Boulder, CO, 80306
County: Boulder
Colorado Region: Ft.Collins/Greeley, Denver Metro, Pikes Peak Region
Organization Information
Mission Statement:

Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center Mission Statement
The Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, rooted in the spirit of unconditional nonviolence, is dedicated to radically progressive personal and social change. As a multi-issue organization, we work to restore and protect earth and human rights. We educate, organize, act, and build community in order to create a culture of justice and peace.

Year founded: 1983

Nuclear Nexus and Guardianship Collective:
RMPJC was founded with a main focus of closing down the
Rocky Flats nuclear plant. In coordination with AFSC Denver,
Greenpeace, and numerous other organizations, RMPJC
worked to end the production of potentially harmful nuclear
waste. Over time, RMPJC became the foremost peace and
environmental group working steadily for the best possible
procedures to properly clean up the already thoroughly
contaminated site. However, due to an improper “clean up”
by government agencies, the efforts to clean up Rocky flats
and make it habitable once again is still underway.
Nonviolence Education Collective:
Grounded in the ideology of peaceful protest, the non-violence
collective works to teach and spread the skills of non-violent
advocacy. The Nonviolence Education Collective (NVEC) achieves its
goals through the sponsorship and organization of workshops, films,
and speaking engagements. The current set of workshops we offer
• Compassionate Communication
• Conflict Transformation
• Mediation
• Consensus Process
• Nonviolence for Direct Action
International Issues Collective:
The Middle East Collective focuses on the broader Middle East,
including Israel/Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and on the
increased tensions between NATO/U.S. and Russia. The collective has
joined the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement
targeting the Israel occupation of Palestinian lands. The International
Collective continues to take action against the “corporate takeover”
by the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other corporate trade
agreements in the pipeline. We are educating and working with our
state and local elected officials, with the goal of getting them to take
positions against the TPP. We educate the public and work in coalition
with labor and environmental groups to secure votes in Congress
against the TPP, including the vote of Congressman Jared Polis, who is
currently undecided about the TPP, as well as the vote of Senator
Citizens for Pesticide Reform Collective:
Citizens for Pesticide Reform's (CPR) mission is to decrease the
risks that pesticides pose to our community’s health and
environment by reducing pesticide use in Boulder County and

Populations Served: All Populations


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