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Access Unbound

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Contact Information
Phone Number: 970-446-6597
Mailing Address: PO Box 5372, CO, 81658
County: Eagle
Colorado Region: Western Slope
Organization Information
Mission Statement:

By enabling access to high quality professional instruction, Access Unbound’s mission is to transform and heal the lives of people with disabilities, or disabling conditions, who qualify for our partner adaptive programs.

Year founded: 2016

Access Unbound was founded in 2016 with funding from a generous supporter, who shared the founder's vision that financial need should not prevent people with disabilities from accessing high-quality, professional adaptive snowsports instruction.

Scholarships have been our primary focus and where we spend the bulk of our annual budget. People with disabilities often have a higher cost of living and cannot afford the very recreation that can lead to lasting impacts on their physical, cognitive, behavioral, and overall mental health. Access Unbound provides scholarship support to those individuals who need financial help, facilitating the mountain experience through world-class adaptive lessons. In our short history, we have experienced tremendous growth in our scholarship program. in our first full season (2016-17), we gave 22 children and adults scholarships for 69 lessons; during the 2018-19 recent season, we awarded scholarships to 79 individuals with disabilities for nearly 360 lessons.

Our Instructor Incentive Program is our second program. In order to maintain the depth of specialized knowledge required for adaptive instruction, instructors must attend clinics and pass certification exams that tend to be cost-prohibitive. Access Unbound provides financial awards to instructors for attending focused trainings and obtaining advanced certifications, ensuring that people with disabilities have access to the highest quality of teaching. We awarded stipends to 6 instructors for improving their professional knowledge and skills during this programs' first year.

The equipment program is the smallest of the three programs. Serving students of all ages with a diverse range of disabilities requires a wide variety of assistive devices and equipment. Access Unbound provides this highly specialized equipment, allowing instructors to effectively tailor support to the specific needs of their students. Through this program, we have received donations of adaptive equipment for use by our partner programs and are using a small amount of our annual budget to purchase needed devices.

Populations Served: People Living With Disabilities


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