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YogaShield: Yoga For First Responders

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Contact Information
Phone Number: 9175013336
Mailing Address: PO Box 36341, Des Moines, IA, 50315
County: Polk
Colorado Region: Denver Metro
Organization Information
Mission Statement:

YogaShield® Yoga for First Responders® (YFFR) has a mission of bringing yoga philosophy, through somatic and cognitive exercises, to practical applications first responders around the country. We will do this through an official protocol which is safe, effective and consistent and provides a systematic skill set to a known problem; the high rates of Post Traumatic Stress, heart attack, suicide and other stress-based issues in the first responder population. In addition, the YFFR protocol builds mental and physical resilience leading to optimal levels of performance on and off the job.

Our method to achieve our mission is by training first responders, yoga teachers, clinicians, and anyone looking for education on the neurological effects of yoga on our unique approach including delivery methods and long-term sustainability. Achieving sustainability includes continuing to support our trained teachers through operationally sound programming as they implement YFFR yoga programs, classes and curriculums into training academies, public safety agencies and departments, and local community settings to improve community relations.

Year founded: 2013

Train the Trainers
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Populations Served: Other


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