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Bakhita Mountain Home Inc

Leadership Circle Member

Contact Information
Phone Number: 7193551630
Mailing Address: 3190 Benet Lane, Colorado Springs, CO, 80921
County: El Paso
Colorado Region: Pikes Peak Region
Organization Information
Mission Statement:

Bakhita Mountain Home is a non-profit that assists women transitioning from human trafficking to self-sufficiency and successful reintegration into society. Women experience healing through three compnents: safe have, trauma-informed therapy, life-enhancing skills

Year founded: 2019

Bakhita Mountain Home is a 2-year residential community for women ages 18 and up who have been trafficked for sex or labor. The home will provide safe and sufficient space for privacy, community building, therapy, exercise, cooking, dining, and gardening. It will enable leisure activities, reflection and communing with nature. It will provide the basic needs for the women, including food, clothing, transportation, access to medical and mental health providers, education, job skills training and employment assistance.

Populations Served: Women and Girls


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