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CBR YouthConnect

Leadership Circle Member

Contact Information
[email protected]
Phone Number: 303-691-6095
Mailing Address: 12567 W. Cedar Drive, Ste 101, Lakewood, CO, 80228
County: Jefferson
Colorado Region: Statewide
Organization Information
Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide troubled youth with the means to become hopeful and productive citizens. To achieve this mission we serve, help, assist, and inspire.

We serve children and families in crisis referred by county child welfare departments, courts and youth corrections.

We help hard-to-reach youth from troubled homes, alternative schools, diversion programs and treatment centers with histories of school drop-out, homelessness, teen pregnancy, delinquency and mental health.

We assist all youth, parents and families manage the stresses, confusion, and trends in our society.

We inspire kids and families to make strong connections and create their own paths.

Year founded: 1959

Home and Family Programs
CBR YouthConnect provides in-home and community-based services that inspire and support through Preventative Aftercare Services / Therapeutic Supervised Visitation / Family / Resilience Training/Mentoring/Behavioral Health Services
Values, Ethics and Character Programs
New approaches to learning that inspire and equip children, youth and parents to think about and adopt a set of personal principles and then have the courage to live by them.
School and Education Programs
CBR YouthConnect provides counseling, courses, and support to at-risk youth to improve their high school graduation rate through Mentoring and Behavioral Health Counseling Services
Animal and Nature Programs
CBR YouthConnect provides courses and enriched learning experiences via human interaction with animals and nature to promote health benefits, humane education and valuable life lessons for troubled youth and families through Animal Assisted Therapy / Thunderbird Ranch Outdoor
Outpatient Restoration Education
Through a partnership with the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health, CBR YouthConnect provides Outpatient Restoration Education to youth and young adults who have been found incompetent to proceed by providing support as they move through the Judicial Process.

Populations Served: African-American, Asian-American, Children and Youth, People Living With Disabilities, Families, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, People Experiencing Homelessness, Immigrants, Latino/Hispanic, Low Income, Men and Boys, American Indian/Native American, Rural, Urban, Women and Girls


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