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Contact Information
Phone Number: 7203265176
Mailing Address: 1200 South Parker Rd. Suite 101, Denver, CO, 80231
County: Arapahoe
Colorado Region: Statewide, Nationwide, Ft.Collins/Greeley, Denver Metro, Pikes Peak Region
Organization Information
Mission Statement:

Our Mission
• The Education Center (TheEduCtr) exists to help, empower and encourage educators, individuals, families, community, parents, and participants to become advocates for education and to broaden their knowledge through various educational workshops, conferences, awards programs, grassroots efforts, legal support & educational direction. TheEduCtr advocates for the educational rights of all people

Year founded: 1988

• TheEduCtr was developed by a group of certified teachers and experienced school administrators. We are a year-round educational program with certified teachers in all areas who provide tutoring and educational counseling for individual participants. We provide participants, parents, and educational staff with a highly effective academic tutorial and financial literacy program for participants of all ages. We have a program to honor Educators of Color in the State of Colorado.
• As educators we all believe in second and third chances. God has blessed us richly through the giving of others so that we in turn can offer something of substance that has the power to change lives for a lifetime. Our primary tool to reach our goals and mission is through our various Programs. Our participants enter the program with a gamut of challenging and unstable backgrounds that have disrupted their educational progress, general adult development and experiences. Our programs have a ‘meet them where they are’ mentality and a passion for breaking down barriers on behalf of the participants to set them up for success. Emphasis is placed on completion of formal education and on encouraging all participants in navigating the completion of their formal education through college, providing supportive coaching in content tailored to each participant’s unique needs, cheerleading scholar victories, and keeping all participants regardless of age or grade level, academically engaged as a unit and individually.

Populations Served: All Populations, African-American, Children and Youth, People Living With Disabilities, Families, People Experiencing Homelessness, Immigrants, Low Income, Veterans


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