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Phone Number: 303-381-7515
Mailing Address: 6350 Nautilus Drive, Suite B/C, Boulder, CO, 80301
County: Boulder
Colorado Region: Statewide
Organization Information
Mission Statement:

UNAVCO, a non-profit university-governed consortium, facilitates geoscience research and education using geodesy. Since 2001, we have been an incorporated 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Year founded: 1984

1. Geodetic Infrastructure: UNAVCO provides geophysical instruments for measuring the physical attributes of the Earth and Earth processes. Instruments include GNSS/GPS receivers, terrestrial laser scanners (ground-based LiDAR), laser strainmeters, borehole geophysical instruments, meteorological systems and tide gauge systems. UNAVCO maintains a network of more than 1200 continuously recording geophysical instruments throughout the Americas (mostly in the United States) and in Antarctica.

2. Geodetic Data Services: UNAVCO promotes research by providing access to data that our community of geodetic scientists uses for quantifying the motions of rock, ice and water that are monitored by a variety of sensor types at or near the Earth's surface. After processing, these data enable millimeter-scale surface motion detection and monitoring at discrete points, and high-resolution strain imagery over areas of tens of square meters to hundreds of square kilometers. The data types include GPS/GNSS, SAR and Lidar/SfM, strain and seismic borehole data, and Tropospheric data. Most of these can be accessed via web services. In addition, GPS/GNSS data sets, TLS data sets, and InSAR products are assigned digital object identifiers.

3. Education and Community Engagement: UNAVCO collaborates with scientific and educational partners to prepare the next generation of Earth science students. UNAVCO provides educational materials, online learning tools, workshops, classes and support for educational efforts.
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