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Watson Caring Science Institute

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Phone Number: 561-460-0187
Mailing Address: 4450 Arapahoe Ave Suite 100, Boulder, CO, 80303
County: Boulder
Colorado Region: Nationwide
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About Watson Caring Science Institute
Watson Caring Science Institute is an international non-profit 501C(3) organization that advances the unitary philosophies, theories and practices of ‘Caring Science’, developed by Dr. Jean Watson, Ph.D., RN, AHN-BC, FAAN, LL (AAN). Caring Science is a transdisciplinary approach that incorporates the art and science of nursing and includes concepts from the fields of philosophy, ethics, ecology and mind-body-spirit medicine.
There are an estimated 400 hospitals throughout the USA in which their professional practice model is based upon Watson’s philosophy and theory of human Caring Science. There are less than 20 systems Nationally to be designated a coveted WCSI affiliate® status. The institute has trained hundreds of Caritas Coaches® globally to translate the theory into concrete human-to-human practices that help to repattern the culture of healthcare, and other organizations whereby the practitioners ‘live out’ the theory in their professional and personal lives, improving patient care, and reducing staff burn out.
Focusing on research, education, practice, legacy and leadership, Watson Caring Science Institute aims to deepen the development and understanding of Caring Science and Caritas Practices, to dramatically transform patient/family experiences of caring and healing in schools, hospitals, the wider community and our planet.


We are a non-profit organization which offers unique professional development, educational and research activities for nurses and other care givers including business managers and holistic health professionals. We are the home of Watson’s Caring Science theory.


o Our mission is to transform the current institutional healthcare model.
o To advance the theory and philosophy of 'Caring Science' and the '10 Caritas Processes®' which explicitly brings Love and compassion back into caring and healthcare.
o To prevent Nurse 'burnout' by offering an ethical and moral framework in which to base their work and life.
o To give voice to nursing and nurses and advocate for the profession.

We do this by supporting visionary leadership, mobilizing, educating and engaging Nurses, institutions and other care givers within a philosophical, framework for human caring in which to base their practice.

Our work has shown to prevent Nurse 'burnout' and secondary traumatic stress, as well as deepen exceptional patient care and staff retention.

Year founded: 2009


Accreditation – for hospitals, care homes and nursing schools
Endorsement – for hospitals using Watson Caring Science as their Theory
Education – 1 year post doc, 6 month Caritas Coach, 1-3 month online courses,
Research – Scholarly publications, measurement tools for data collection
Practice -national and international consortia held annually
Store – online shop for self-care products & educational resources including films meditations and unique webinars
Imprint – Lotus Library showcasing empirical and experiential caring science value

Populations Served: All Populations, Other


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