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2018 Salary and Benefits Survey Reveals Trends in Nonprofit Compensation

Jun 7, 2018

Fewer Colorado nonprofits are contributing to employee health insurance and retirement plans than in 2016 according to the recently released 2018 Colorado Nonprofit Salary & Benefits Survey. Although nonprofits are contributing less to employee benefits, salaries for key positions increased at a rate higher than the commonly reported annual salary increase.

Colorado Nonprofit Association released its 2018 Colorado Nonprofit Salary & Benefits Survey that provides nonprofits with salary and benefits data for 99 positions. The report is based on data submitted by 523 nonprofits reporting on nearly 7,000 employees.

Nonprofits can now purchase the 2018 edition to help set fair, competitive compensation packages to attract and retain one of the sectors most important assets, its people. The report provides information on salary data by organization budget, region and focus of service. The survey also reports on benefits data, including insurance benefits, paid time off, salary increases, and bonuses.

In 1996, Colorado Nonprofit Association first released a salary and benefit report specific to nonprofits in Colorado. Today, that report has grown into a comprehensive resource published every two years.

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