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Mesa County Nonprofits are Key Economic Drivers

Oct 9, 2017

The Daily Sentinel | Sep 25, 2017

Mesa County nonprofits are responsible for an economic contribution of more than $133 million, according to a recent report commissioned by Community Impact Council of Mesa County (CIC). Of the $133 million economic contribution, more than $33 million is money that nonprofits brought in from outside of Mesa County. 

“I’d say that generally people think about services and programs but don’t normally think about them being a significant part of local economy and an economic driver,” said Joe Neuhof, executive director of Colorado Canyons Association and a board member of the CIC. “This is meant to show that nonprofits play a role in the economic sector as well.” — The Daily Sentinel

The report proves that nonprofits in Mesa County not only provide essential services to the community, but also serve a large and important role in the economy. 

Read the full article from The Daily Sentinel

Colorado Nonprofit Economic Impact Study

Colorado Nonprofit Association, along with its partners, will conduct a similar economic impact study for the state of Colorado. In addition, the study will quantify the social impact of nonprofits (social return on investment).

The Association and its project partners recognized the need from nonprofits to better communicate their impact in their communities to elected officials and community members. The study will provide data and facts that validate the vital role nonprofits play across the state. All Colorado nonprofits are encouraged to complete the survey when released in late October. 

The Colorado Nonprofit Economic Impact Study is an initiative of Colorado Nonprofit Association, Community Resource Center, Colorado Association of Funders, Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships, Center for Nonprofit Excellence Colorado Springs, University of Colorado Denver's School of Public Affairs. 



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