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Nonprofit Legal Audit Clinic Checks Legal Wellness

Nov 13, 2020

The Nonprofit Legal Audit Clinic has been a resource over the past few years that gives you peace of mind on your foundational legal issues and effectively strengthens your organization without the financial cost.

You may be questioning the structure of the sector and what it represents, or worrying that you’ll never get things in order before a new mandate or rule is put in place. Applying for the Nonprofit Legal Audit Clinic means that a team of legal experts can connect with you on a personal level to ease any uneasiness, worry, or anxiety related to your questions. Consider this a health check for your legal wellness, and hopefully is part of your emotional and mental wellness as well.

The next Nonprofit Legal Audit Clinic on February 23, 2021, is focused on pairing you with people that understand and empathize with your situation from a safe distance. Show up how you can in an online space, and prepare for a clear path to your legal goals with someone whom you can trust. 

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